Sunday, May 5, 2013

8 April 2013 Transfers

Hello Family and Friends,

Once again I guessed correctly, I will be staying here in Butiá for another transfer. 
With a Butiá Tree
My next companion will be Elder Leal from Chile. It should be cool having a Chilean companion, we will know 3 languages between the two of us. From what Elder Weber has told me, Elder Leal is very humble and all around a good missionary. He is 25 or 26 years old so once again I will have a dinosaur for a companion, but its all good it just means that he is more mature. I think God is trying to tell me that I need to grow up faster with all the oldies I have been getting. Elder Weber was transferred out into the boonies, Bagé. He will be the district leader there as well as trainer, like I predicted. Tomorrow, we will make our trip over to Porto Alegre where all the exchanges take place.
This past week went by quickly. We spent the majority of our time finding and teaching new people. So far I haven't really felt too confident about any of these new investigators. The best investigator we have is a teenage girl named J. The thing is we haven't even taught her anything yet! She has been attending church with a friend of hers for weeks now and even attended conference yesterday. She is basically a member of the church already we just need to find time to teach her the lessons. I feel bad that I haven't too much luck in teaching more males. This Branch needs some more priesthood holders in order to turn into a Ward. The past few weeks Elder Weber and I have only been contacting males in the hopes of finding someone future priesthood holders.
Conference was good as always. It was a lot different watching in Portuguese but the Spirit was the same. Our branch rented a big bus for our whole branch. We arrived at the  Guaíba chapel in style. I got to see the two sessions on Sunday which were great. I'm anxious to know what went down in the Priesthood session though.
Sorry this letter is short. Elder Weber has a long list of people he wants to see before he leaves Butiá. I'm doing well and excited to get my new companion.

Love Elder Miller

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