Monday, September 9, 2013

9 September 2013

Hello Family and Friends,

Let's just say that this past week was a major disappointment. First of all Adriana was not baptized. Last week, right after we had sent our e-mails to you all, we went directly to Adriana's house to prepare her for her baptismal interview the next day. We arrived and instantly we could feel that something was not right. She went on to tell us that she had earned a scholarship -she is studying to be a judge- to go study in Porto Alegre. The bad news was that she had to leave immediately. So she moved to Porto Alegre Thursday, 2 days before her baptism. So yeah the baptism fell through. The good thing is that she is still eager to be become a member of the church. We will send the closest missionaries to where she is living and all they will have to do is interview her and then baptize.

Both Elder Machado and I have been walking around with a knife in our hearts this past week. There is nothing more that I want than a baptism while Elder Machado and I are companions. We worked so much, its pains me to think that this transfer will end this coming Monday and we will not have baptized anyone! It is even worse when other missionaries are baptizing around you with much more ease.

Another thing which sucked this week was that one of our investigators died. Yep, we were teaching a couple, the sister and brother-in-law of our Ward mission leader. He had cancer, but he was slowly getting better. We saw his wife in the street the past Monday and she told us that he would leave the hospital soon, and Thursday morning he passed away. I gave him a blessing a month and half ago. I told him that he would have peace in his life even though he was sick. I think I can say that this past month he was a happier man. It was pretty hard to believe that he passed away when we heard the news. The last lesson we taught was the plan of salvation so at least he knew where he was going.

I have been looking for some peace myself after this past week, actually from these past two months. I have been thinking a lot about what I am doing wrong, and what I need to change. The only thing that keeps me from going crazy is the thought that everything that is done in the missionary work is done in accordance with the Lord's time. He has all the knowledge, he sees things that our mortal eyes cannot, his thoughts are not ours. I know that he has a plan for our area here in Dom Pedrito. Sometimes we become impatient and we want everything now, and thus we become ignorant to the fact that he controls everything and not us. This eternal truth gives me more peace out here in the mission field. In Philippians 4:7 it is said, "And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." I know that the baptisms will come, God knows my heart, he knows that I want this to happen. I know that as I strive to do my best he will bless me and others in his own time. This gives me comfort, this gives me peace. 

 Much Love,

Elder Miller

P.S. Happy Birthday Axel! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

2 September 2013

Hello Family and Friends,

This past was a good one. Tuesday, we had "Distrito Amigo" so the other missionaries from our district worked in our area in order to accelerate the work a bit. Every week we trade areas to help each other out. This program really produces results. We were able to find some good investigators.

Thursday, I reached the year mark on the mission, August 29th and went out to eat at a local burger joint. Okay, so it is not really a burger it is called a xis. Basically, the xis is comprised of a beef patty, an egg, a slice of ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, and just about any other thing you can think of. If you can find someone that makes a good xis you will come to know that the xis kicks burger butt. So Elder Machado and I went to the closest xis joint and celebrated. I ordered the chicken heart xis which was pretty darn good.

Yesterday, we traveled to Bagé for the reorganization of the Stake. The former Stake president was discharged and a new young gun was called. I think this new Stake president is 30 years old! A member of the Seventy was there and he gave a good talk. The member of the Seventy made the new president stand in the front of the Stake and hold his arms up while he gave his talk. After some time we could see the new Stake president was struggling to keep his arms up so then he called his new counselors to help keep his arms up and that's when he began to speak about supporting this new president in his calling. President Castro was there too, and he gave a talk about missionary work of course. It was a very inspiring talk and I think the members will start helping us out a little more.

Other news is that we will have a baptism this week! Woohoo!!! Adriana will be baptized Saturday along with another lady that the other Elders are teaching. It will be such a sweet experience because of all the trials we have had to face opening up this area. It will also be my first baptism as the senior companion which makes it that much sweeter. Elder Machado and I are stoked and very grateful for all the divine help we have received. Adriana is so great it is hard to put it into words. She is surrounded by influential people and literally all of them have tried to told her that she should not be baptized, but she has stood her ground. We are going to do our best to put together a memorable baptism for her.


So I haven't responded many questions for awhile so I will use the rest of the email to do such. No, we do not have any online resources to help in the missionary work and I doubt that will get such privileges. No, I really have no idea what is going on in the world. Every now and then a member has their TV on and I catch some worldly news, but for the most part all the news I know is what you all pass on to me. No, I don't think I will ever go to the Doctor here unless it is an extreme emergency. The other day some guy went to the doctor to get his leg amputated and they amputated the wrong leg!!! Can you believe it? Yes, it gets dark around 6:30 which is really early, but now it is starting to lighten up a bit as we are entering spring time. Yes, I am super impressed with how Dad has lost a ton of weight. Actually, it is pretty incredible the difference he has made. I am way proud of him. I am going to print that photo he sent me shirtless and post it up on the wall where I do my exercises. Maybe this will get me more motivated. I want to fight him like Rod and his Dad fight in the movie Hot Rod. Elder Machado has taught a little bit of Muay Thai and Karate to help me prepare ha ha.

So that is about it for now. Pray for Adriana this week.

Much Love,

Elder Miller