Sunday, May 5, 2013

18 March 2013 Crazy Week

Hello Family and Friends,

This week was pretty crazy. Literally all we did was meet with our 6 investigators one after the other. With the 23rd approaching we need to make sure that all of them are prepared for the baptism. If every thing goes to plan, P, A, E, G, J, and J2 should be baptized this coming Saturday. There is still a lot of work to do before then. It goes like this...
P stills has does not have a firm belief if Thomas S. Monson is a real prophet. Her friends tell her that in their church they have a prophet as well... ha ha. We have already explained that if she believes the Book of Mormon is true, then Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that means that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true church, Christ's church here on this planet! She believes in the Book of Mormon and she has visited the LDS website to watch talks given by Pres Monson. I think she is just apprehensive about living a Saint lifestyle.
J's Mom refused to sign her baptismal papers. Her Mom is an Evangelical, and is not too fond of us. She would rather her daughter be raised in the "world" than in a place that teaches clean and securing life principles. J's Father (inactive member) is coming into town this week to sign the papers and hopefully watch the baptism.
J is scared that he will break commandments after his baptism and thus condemning himself. We taught him that every one commits errors in this life and that is why our Lord and Saviour paid the price with his own life. We can always be forgiven through sincere repentance. We also taught that after his baptism the Holy Ghost can help him stay on the straight and narrow path if he strives to remain worthy of it.
And A... there is a lot to say about her. Early this week, as Elder Weber and I were walking back to our house for the day, A came running up to us crying. She is the smoker that we had been fasting for. She thought that we had given up on her because we hadn't visited her in a day or two.  She said something like the following, "You all cannot give up on me, it has been a week since I stopped smoking " I could not understand too well what was going on because she was crying and speaking Portuguese haha, but their facial expressions told the whole story. Long story short she was able to overcome her addiction through blessings, lessons, and our fast! E and G are two of her children, 10 and 8 respectively. The Lord is working wonders with this family, I hope they can make to Saturday. I, 16, says he will quit smoking if his Mom, A quits.
So yeah this is what we are dealing with currently. I'm so grateful to have Elder Weber as my companion because he has a lot of personal experience and thus is able to really helpful, especially with A's family. I find myself on the sideline a lot while we are teaching them, a scripture and testimony here and there. It is hard to know what these families are going through, I mean I've never even taken a sip of coffee in my life and I'm supposed to help someone smoking rocks! It is a testimony to me that this is truly the Lord's work. He takes the small and simple and confounds the wise.
The 26th of this month we are going to the Porto Alegre Temple!!! I'm so stoked for this, a chance to revamp the spirit. Our zone will go with the Mission President to the temple, then lunch, and then we have interviews with the Pres.. I will take a lot of photos, don't worry.
That is exciting to see photos of Gena running. From the letters I get from Oupa it sounds like she really dominates the other girls. I have been thinking for while that if she makes it into the 2016 Olympics here in Brazil, I could be the family translator!!! I could make sure that the Brazilians do not take advantage of anyone which seems to be a Brazilian hobby with gringos. This week I received a valentines package and a fat stack of letters from the Lofstrand's. I'm so grateful for it all. I enjoyed the candy, and the letters are always great. Lucy's letters crack me up every time. Happy Birthday Lars and Debi, hope it is a good one!

Love Elder Miller

P.S. Remember to put these people in your prayers. We will need all prayers we can get

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