Sunday, May 5, 2013

22 April 2013 Family Home Evening

Hello Family and Friends,

So another week came and went before I even knew it. We had Family Home Evening almost every night which helped to pass the time. FHE was a big success here in Butià. We about 17 people one night. We sing, share a message, activities, and then churrasco! The people here love FHE and want us to back this week. Our agenda is literally booked with FHE. The only problem is that we are running out of ideas quickly. We need more activities so if you all have any ideas we would love to hear them.
Like I have said before I measure our success during the week by how many people we have at sacrament meeting Sunday. This week we had 57 people at sacrament meeting! I think that is a new record since I arrived in Butiá. The reason for increase in personnel is in direct relation to our efforts in FHE. Lots of people that are in/less active, that were at our FHE´s, showed up to sacrament meeting. We are going to keep on making use of FHE these next few weeks, we have already met a lot of potential investigators.
We had a training exercise with President Castro this week. In summary Pres Castro wants us to teach short, comprehensive lessons focused on the needs of our investigators. I have noticed that frequently our investigators get lost in what we are teaching them because of all the new information. This is something I really need to work on myself, simplifying what I say so that the even the thickest person here in Butiá could understand. Sometimes our investigator focus more on my accent and strange manner of speech rather than focusing on the lesson at hand. This irritates me a lot, especially when I speak for a minute or two or ask a question and the person looks like I just spoke Chinese to them. When this happens I feel like shutting up and just letting my companion do the whole lesson. I speak Portuguese now, but there is still a lot of little things I need to work on to perfect the lingo. The training with Pres Castro gave me the inspiration I needed so I am back studying the missionary playbook, Preach My Gospel defining and finding better methods to getting my point across during lessons and messages.
President Castro is a really good mission President. He is working hard to get this mission up to full potential. He is making conferences calls with all the districts, doing trainings with all the zones, emailing individually to all the missionaries in the field etc.. Pres Castro is a real stand up guy and I admire his dedication.
I do not have much other news on my end and I'm sorry if my emails are getting boring. To lighten things up I have a story this from this past week. Elder Leal and I were walking back home from a FHE late at night when all of a sudden Elder Leal decided that he wanted to buy some fruits from a sidewalk vendor. He decided that he wanted to buy these red plums. So he bought a big sack of plums and went home. We started planning for our next day while munching on these plums, and Elder Leal mentioned that these plums are basically natural laxatives. He bought them with a purpose and I had no idea. I had eaten about 2 plums and decided to stop eating while I still had a chance. I went to sleep with a big groan in my stomach. In the early hours of the morning I woke up with an urge to use the restroom. And so it commenced, about two hours on the can. Never have I pooped so much in my life than I did in those few dreadful hours Tuesday morning. Elder Leal slept through it all, but when I told him of my struggle only a few hours prior he laughed until he was almost crying. He even begun telling members of the church and other missionaries of the ordeal. Needless to say I need to get him back, I'm sure there is some big spiders in our house somewhere...
Other than that random story I don't have anything else.
Randy Francis's dad was called to be the President of the Rochester, New York mission. Apparently he will have keys to a lot of the church history sites!
This next transfer will have more girls arriving in the mission than boys.
Our mission goal is to have 2 baptisms every month. It is possible but will be very difficult.  
That Boston Marathon massacre sounds horrible, its terrible the world that we live in now a days
I will look out for that package that you sent.
Email me FHE ideas!!!

Love Elder Miller

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