Sunday, May 5, 2013

1 April 2013 Temple Trip

Hello Family and Friends,

This past week was very laid back compared to the last few weeks. We basically had two P-Days in a row with our zone conference and temple trip. The temple trip was great as you probably expected. We arrived at 2:00 for our 3:00 endowment session. Everything went well, very spiritual of course. Afterwards, our zone took pictures all around the temple. All in all it was a very good time. 

Check out to find pictures of me and other missionaries in the mission.
This week we spent a lot of time meeting with our recent converts answering questions, reading scriptures, and just being friends really. We also spent some time trying to find new investigators. We taught the restoration lesson with a new investigator, E 27, but the problem is he is not legally married, which is not a surprise here in Brazil. This week we will use a lot more time searching for more investigators.
So news from the mission? Well, Pres. Castro made some new rules about the Internet. We now have a hour and thirty minutes to write home, and we can write to anyone we want. It is very nice with 30 extra minutes but it doesn't make too much of a difference because I am supposed to write a letter to the Pres. every week also. He let me know this in my interview with him a week ago, he says he wants to hear from me more. I'm not close with our the President. I like him a lot and treat him with respect but whenever we talk it is very basic.
This is the last week of this transfer. April 9th we will find out who stays and who goes. For sure either Elder Weber or I will leave Butiá. Seeing that 27 new missionaries are arriving into our mission, 3x the norm, Elder Weber will most likely train a new missionary. I think I will stay in Butiá another transfer and get another senior companion with me. I think with one more transfer I should have a good grip on everything. I don't feel too ready to take on a newbie just yet, I guess we will see what happens. Also, this next transfer will be only 5 weeks with the influx of new missionaries.
This Sunday our Branch will be traveling to Guíba to watch one session of general conference. I'm pretty bummed that I will only get to see one session and it will all be dubbed in Portuguese :(. Be sure to send me the conference Ensign when it arrives. Conference should be so cool, I'm stoked to hear any news from the Prophet.
Lastly, this week we might have English classes here at WIZARD yeah!
Anwsers to questions: We have zone conferences about every 2-3 transfers. Yes, I have heard of the new pope, it is a very big deal here in Brazil, but in my opinion WHO CARES.

Just to finish up here, Easter was great. Thinking about our Lord and that greatest example of love ever, the Atonement, gets me choked up. But not only is he our Saviour, he is our teacher. He taught us how to live a significant life full of success and blessings. All we have to do to achieve this is love God and neighbour more than ourselves, obey all his commandments, and do our best in everything. Its funny how many people in this world look for substitutes to this equation of success. Some people find more worldly methods gain what they assume to be success, but at the end of the day are they really happy or is it just temporary pleasures? True happiness is eternal and eternal things can only be found in what Jesus Christ taught the world, his gospel.
I'm so grateful to be His servant here in Brazil and to bring His gospel to these people. I'm so grateful I have these two years to pay back a tiny bit of what I owe to Him, the Son of Man, our Lord who put down his life for me. I could keep on writing but it wouldn't do justice of I feel about Him.

I Love You All,

Love Elder Miller

PS. temple pictures included with one picture with P

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