Tuesday, May 28, 2013

27 May 2013  Rich People

Hello Family and Friends,
My Birthday was yesterday, yeah! I turned 20 so I guess this means I was officially traded to the old man team. Ha ha just kidding I will never switch teams, forever young as they say.
Yesterday, turned out to be a good day. The best part was how many phone calls I received. I wasn't expecting it at all, but my zone leader, Sister L, some sister missionaries, and even President Castro gave me a ring. It was awesome, and to top it all off the members of the Branch put together a surprise party that wasn't much of a surprise ha ha. I got some cake, candy, and a pair of socks. Last night I sent a big prayer off to our Heavenly Father in acknowledgement to the many blessing I received on my Birthday.

Everyone this week talked to me about the, "Big tornado in the United States." I also saw some news about it while eating at a restaurant Wednesday. It really took out that city, I wish I could be there to help out. Sister L told me she would never travel near Texas even if I paid her, I thought that was funny ha ha.
President Monson's wife died that stinks. Good thing he knows the Plan of Salvation like the back of his hand. No doubt he will start ageing even quicker now.
Now to news of the week. So we have been contacting some of these students from WIZARD and it turns out they are the power class of Butiá. It was funny because we were searching for their houses with our little crappy map and when we arrived at the address given we looked up to see a big ole' mansion. My companion and I looked at each other like, "No way is this the right house." Well can you believe it, it was the right house. I even got to ring a doorbell for the first time on my mission instead of clapping like goof from behind a fence. It was epic. Back to the story we contacted this family, but the parents weren't home. They arrive from Porto Alegre 8:00pm everyday so we will have to teach a different day.
We continued contacting these families throughout the night and every house was super fancy, with a doorbell. Needless to say, we got really happy. Weeks before we were joking about getting into houses like these and now it is reality. Saturday, we taught this rich biology professor without a leg. It was rad! The guy has so much knowledge it was incredible. We taught the first lesson in his media room in the basement of the house. The lesson went very well, but when it came to inviting him and his family to go to church he did not really take us seriously. I think he is afraid of change, afraid of breaking his "perfect world" enveloped in hindering traditions. We are praying that Moroni's promise works, it is our only hope.
These kinds of people could really change the church here in Butiá for the better. The could really open doors for a lot of other people. For sure this Branch would turn into a ward with one of these families. Too bad this is all happening in what will probably be my last transfer in Butiá. All this has been made possible thanks to the classes at WIZARD and the blessing of being a native English speaker. God really knows when to put us in the right place at the right time. It was almost 4 months ago that R, boss of WIZARD in Butiá, approached me while walking through the center. C Wizard, top boss of WIZARD (located in São Paulo) and returned missionary, knows what we are doing here and is very grateful. So that is cool. I'm grateful to be a part of this miracle God has granted us.
So that was the highlight this week. We also put together a activity for the primary. We taught the plan of salvation with the movie Lion King. It was funny because when we asked who is the prophet the kids shouted out, "The monkey!!!!!" Ha ha it was a good time.
Thanks for the all the car pics Oupa, you really snagged a deal. Thanks to everyone for all the Birthday wishes, it was great. Apparently, I have a lot of letters that are in the house of the Zone Leaders, no sign of any packages yet. In a few weeks I will get it all.
Much Love,

Elder Miller

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