Tuesday, May 28, 2013

6 May 2013 English Lessons

Hey Family and Friends,
I'm going to keep this letter short because we have a FHE in 30 minutes! So the highlight of this week was that we had 4 lessons/classes at WIZARD this week. If your forgot WIZARD is one of the biggest English learning programs here in Brazil. It was designed and is owned by a former Brazilian missionary that served in the United States. It is a really fancy school and it seems to be doing a good job because almost all of the students were able to talk with me in English. They even have a pen that speaks English with them to help with their pronunciation ha ha its too cool!
Also, Elder Leal had the opportunity to show off his Spanish because most of the students already knew how to speak it. It was a way cool experience with 3 languages going off. The crazy thing was that I was able to understand everything in Spanish. I don't know if the Spirit was helping me out or that Spanish is closely related to Portuguese, but even so I was able to keep up with the Spanish conversation. Elder Leal claims he was able to understand when we were talking English, but when I asked him what we were talking about afterwards he did not know diddly squat.
We talked about our various cultures and why we are here in Brazil. Then we showed the "Restoration Video" and discussed the first lesson with the students. They all thought everything was very interesting and we got a lot of addresses. This week we are going to follow-up and teach. I'm pretty stoked about this.
This is the last week of the transfer. Monday we will know if I get to stay here in ButiĆ” or if my journey belongs to another area. As for me, I hope to stay here in ButiĆ” another transfer. I really have high hopes for these English students. It was such a cool experience talking with some educated people.
I wrote down the Skype details. Be near the computer 3 or 4 o' clock my time. The plan right now is to borrow a laptop of one of the young men of the Branch and then use the chapel wifi to call you all.
Happy Birthday Greg! Your really becoming a dinosaur, 24 years old dang. I still love you though. I couldn't have had asked for a better bro. Good luck in Nebraska but don't become too redneck on me. I don't want to hear any brokeback stories when I come home.
Yes, 36x32 will be great for me. As you know I'm not the skinny lad I used to be.
Love you Lots,

Elder Miller

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