Monday, October 21, 2013

7 October 2013  The Wedding Bells Are Ready to Ring

Hello Friends and Family

We have some good news to tell. First off, Neiva Marcela will be baptized this Satuday at 6:00. To help you all remember she is the daughter of Vanzenir and Flávio. She is 14 years old. So we are super stoked for this. Also, we will have a marriage here in a few weeks. Yep, the papers are in and it is just a matter of time now. Vanzenir and Flávio will be married!!!!

Elder Machado and I are really excited. As you all know it has not been easy, but to tell the truth I would not change it one bit. We have learned so much from each other and the trials that we had to face. I am completely a different missionary than I was 3 months ago, stronger.

So there is a lot of people want to know how I feel out here on the mission, thoughts, feelings, desires, etc.. I am liking the mission a whole lot. Of course sometimes I get tired or fed up, but if there is one thing the mission has taught me it is to control my feelings. My thoughts are always positive. I know there is a purpose for everything that happens. The only thing I want is when I return to my home, I return without any regrets. I want to give my maximum to Lord. 

There are so many things that I like about the mission. I like being in a foreign country experiencing news things constantly. I like being immersed in the gospel 24/7. I like all the friendships I have made. The only dislike I have is the disobedience I see from other Elders. Like they say everyone is at a different point on their road to conversion, some are farther ahead then others.

When I daydream the only thing I dream about is seeing my Mom and Dad again. I know I shouldn't but I'm anxiously awaiting that day. When I am not thinking about the work my mind goes automatically to this day. I know it will be a marvelous moment.

As for ideas of post mission pursuits, it is pretty slim. After studying and graduating from BYU I kind of want to join the military. It has always been a great desire of mine. I really look up to the leaders of the church and the majority of them have paid time in military service and has given them a big advantage in life. Unless something else sparks an interest in me I think I will take this route in life.

We had conference this past weekend. We got to watch all the sessions except the Priesthood, because it was really late at night. Obviously I liked it all, but I was way too distracted with other things to pay close attention to what they were saying. Also, watching conference in Portuguese is a ripoff, it does not have that same feeling as hearing the actual words from the actual speaker. The talk from Richard G. Scott was hilarious to me. He knows Portuguese so he pre-recorded his speech in Portuguese for conference. Well lets just say that he sounds just like Yoda from Star Wars trying to speak Portuguese and I had a hard time paying attention to what he was saying. 

I noticed also that in other missions they are using Ipads and Facebook. I don't think these things will ever be liberated here in our mission. These kinds of privileges would be abused severely. And imagine a missionary walking around Porto Alegre with an Ipad, he would be left in pieces in a matter of seconds. Oh yeah, I will not be going to Porto Alegre tomorrow, it was rescheduled for November and yes my passport is safe and sound in the mission office.

Well that is about it for now. Pray for Elder Machado and I, and for Neiva Marcela.

Thanks, Much Love

Elder Miller

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