Sunday, October 6, 2013

23 September 2013  Calebe's Family

This past week was better, to say the least. I don't know if I have mentioned that we have been teaching Calebe's family the past 4 or 5 weeks, but we are and now we are starting to see the blessings. In our first transfer here we made a street contact with V, Calebe's Mom, and she insisted that we pay a visit in her home. When we arrived a few days later we came to find out that she has a son who is a member of the church, Calebe. Calebe was baptized in 2005, 10 years old, by an American missionary, Elder Brian, and remained active in the church for about 2 years. This family absolutely loved this missionary, he was basically part of their family. The only reason V, and F (Boyfriend) were not baptized was because V is a widow and does not want to lose her pension that she receives from her dead husband by remarrying. Also, Calebe has a sister, N, that did not have the baptismal age when Elder Brian was here. Well, we have moved into the place of the old missionaries, and let's just say that this family loves us.

So we have been teaching them for awhile now and finally all of them, including N's boyfriend, went to church yesterday. Needless to say they all had an excellent experience at church. Elder Machado and I have had some good lessons with them and now we are 99.9% sure that Neiva will be baptized within the coming weeks. Also, V has spoken strongly about marrying F despite the fact that she would lose her pension and money would become really tight in the family. I'm not sold yet that she will marry, but we are going to do everything within our reach to baptize this family. It is my dream to baptize a family like this. They are absolutely the most kind and loving family I have met here in Brazil. Every one of them has a strong testimony of what we teach. They are truly an elect family. We are going to need a lot of prayers with them because I do not know how we are going to pull this off. We are going to have to rely 100% on the spirit.

In other news the new missionary arrived in our apartment. He is a riot and that's all I will say. 

I think I am finally starting to slim down just a little bit. Elder Machado gave me the idea to eat granola and yogurt and I found out that it is pretty good stuff even though it is pricey. Also, I have been working out about 20 minutes a day ha ha, it is all that our schedule allows to do. I want to maintain this weight I have gained and somehow lose the handlebars, because now I can throw my weight around and see people fly. It is like having a super power. Alright, on that random note I will let you all go.

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Elder Miller

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