Sunday, October 6, 2013

16 September 2013

Hello Family and Friends,

There is not much to report from this past week. We worked really hard and then a torrential rain storm came in Saturday night until Sunday night so none of our investigators showed up to church. Yep, this is kind of our life right now, work like dogs and get nothing in return at the end of the week. I think our area has a curse over it from the past missionaries that passed through, who knows. I know we need to keep working hard no matter what happens, but this monkey on my back is getting pretty heavy.

So this morning we got the word that Elder Machado and I we will be companions for the third transfer. A third transfer is very rare in our mission. Obviously, there is something we still need to do together... BAPTIZE. I'm fine with the decision even though we are little tired of each other. It was funny last night we fought each other just for fun, Mauy Thai versus American Muscle, but at one point he almost lost control of the fight so I had to just fall on him with my 95kilos and it ended ha ha. I was hoping that in this transfer some young gun would come here and get me back up firing on all pistons but God has other plans.

I think we will go on the blitz these first three weeks of transfer to find an elect because frankly the people we have right now can't seem to progress. I can't say that these first two transfer were a waste because we managed to reactivate 3 teenagers that have the age to serve missions so that is pretty cool. Also, Adriana we will be baptized by someone, and the members here absolutely love us. Now we just need some references. I have a talk on Sunday so I will kick some butt.

So what happened with the rest of the household??? Elder Beary was transferred to Porto Alegre and Elder Carlos will stay. I have not heard anything good about this new missionary coming to live us, nothing at all. So this is going to be another challenge. He is a crazy Brazilian that is about it. We will have to put him in his place if this is possible.

I don't know what else to write about. It is a little cooler which is nice, I'm not a fan of the heat. 

Pray for Machado and I. Oh, fun fact for you all, Machado means axe in English so basically I'm serving with Elder Axe.  And what is ironic is that he likes to chop wood ha ha. 

Yep, that is it. 

Love, Elder Miller


Oh yeah Elder Machado wants to taste american candy so if you could get a package set up that would be cool.

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