Sunday, October 6, 2013

30 September 2013  The Blessings are coming

This week was a good one. I think Elder Machado and I set new personal records for lessons taught in a week. Even the zone leaders called us last night to congratulate us. It was a nice change because for three months the only thing they have ever said to us is that we need to improve and work harder. I basically just listened to what they had to say and then hung up the phone because we have worked a lot harder in the past weeks but we had nothing to prove our arduous work in terms of numbers. This week the numbers were sky high because of the past three months of difficult work. This is missionary work for ya.

Some good news is that V won't lose her pension as we previously thought. Our district leader called President Castro who is a lawyer/judge and he set the story straight. So now we are planning the marriage and baptisms of V, F, and N  M. The only problem now is time. Elder Machado and I want nothing more than to baptize in our time together. We have worked too much not to. To realize this marriage it will take at least 30 days so that will mean that they will be baptized in the next transfer which will be on the 29 of October. We have a baptismal date for N M which is the 12th of October.

We had one of the most spiritual lessons of my mission Saturday night. We took a member couple with us to teach V and the family, and let's just say that everybody was feeling the spirit. Everybody was saying the right thing at the right time, it was amazing. Elder Machado and I were teaching literally by the spirit. At one point I did not know what to say, but I opened my mouth and said what needed to be said. God is really wanting this family in the church, it is the right time.

I would like to stay in Dom Pedrito for another transfer. I want to see this whole family baptized and active in the church. Also, after all the trench work we have done the members are seeing the difference in us from past missionaries and are starting give good references. They trust with their friends and family with us, there is a new energy in the ward. A week ago I had a talk and kind of gave a wake-up call to the whole ward and to my surprise they liked it, I'm sure things are going to change.

In other news... the 8th of October I will have to travel back to Porto Alegre to renew my visa. It will be like a 2 day event because of the traveling. We will have interviews with President Castro the 12th, I think. He is always coming up with new tactics and ways to hasten the missionary work. He is a really good president and his job is not easy here in Porto Alegre, I think it is the mission that baptizes the least amount of people in Brazil. He has a goal of a 1000 baptisms in total until the end of the year. I think we have about 600 right now this means that every missionary has to pull his weight until the end of the year.

Well that is about it for now, 

Love you all,

Elder Miller

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