Monday, October 21, 2013

21 October 2013

Hello Family and Friends,

The time is passing by me so fast and there is nothing I can do to slow things down. Elder Machado and I are in our last week together and we are closing in on 18 weeks together. As I have mentioned before we have learned a lot from each other. It will be sad to part paths at the end of the week, but it is time to experience new things. I love all my companions that I have had on the mission, they are my true friends. Like my other companions, Elder Machado is another brother for me. If God has given me a gift in this life I think it is being a real friend. All my companions have mentioned that I am their best companion that they have had, and this brings me a lot of joy. I'd go to hell and back for anyone of my friends.

This past week was great. We taught a lot of lessons and made some more progress with our investigators. Vanzenir and Flavio are doing great and are anxious for their wedding in a week or 2. They will have their first family home evening today. Calebe is starting to prepare to go on a mission in the beginning of 2014. He will receive the priesthood the coming Sunday. He will be an amazing missionary because he is super spiritual and is a people person. Neiva Marcela, the newest member of Dom Pedrito, is doing great. We are preparing Luis, Neiva's boyfriend, to be baptized as well. I feel like this family is now part of my own family, it's incredible. 

Thursday night we traveled to Bagé and then on Friday we went to Pelotas for Zone conference. The conference was excellent. The theme was locking our hearts to things of the world and dedicating ourselves 100% to the Lord. The messages were all very inspiring. We wrote a list of things that are impeding ourselves from giving our best and then we put it in an envelope and sealed it very tight. Our mission is improving dramatically in all aspects. It was also very cool to see all the missionaries that are now in the mission. I also saw 4 of my 5 ex companions which was cool. Elder Weber gave his farewell testimony at the conference. He will leave the mission Wednesday.

In other news the members here in Dom Pedrito recognize that we are good missionaries so they have been taking us around to their friends and family to teach. It has been pretty cool. We have their confidence finally. It is a shame that all this is happening in our last weeks here. Our first two transfers could have been a lot less painful if the members had this confidence in us from the start 

I am not sure now what will happen in the next transfer. The president told us that one of us will surely leave. He mentioned that there is a possibility that one will go to Bagé. We will see what happens. I would like to go to Pelotas because the church is growing quickly in this city.

Oh I got your package, thanks.

That is it for now

I Love You All


Elder Miller

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