Monday, October 21, 2013

14 October 2013

Hello Family and Friends,

So we had a baptism this past Saturday. Neiva Marcela was baptized. Elder Machado performed the baptismal ordinance and I confimed her member of the church. It was a very spiritual experience for us both. I was literally shaking when confirming her. I was not nervous or afraid, but I could not control myself, it was powerful.

Shortly after we had fast and testimony meeting, and to say the least it was one of the most spiritual in which I have ever participated. Neiva and Calebe bore their testimonies, and everyone in the chapel was teary eyed including Vanzenir and Flavio. Elder Machado and I also bore our testimonies, it was pretty cool. After all of us had born our testimony about half of the ward got up from their seats and went to the stand.

Something Joseph Heilner wrote me a short time back was to keep on doing what we were doing and the Lord would open the floodgates and the baptisms would come. Well, he was right. Elder Machado and I kept on working hard and so the Lord, as always, kept his promise. And not only did he bless us with this family, but in the past two weeks we have found 5 new families to teach!!! All of them are taking the lessons very well. One family showed up to church yesterday and had a wonderful experience. They are a young family, Fabian 26, Ivana 20, and Emily 3. They need to get married, but they are an elect family.

So there are only 2 weeks left in this transfer and then one of us, Elder Machado or I, will have to leave this area. It is disappointing that one of us will have to leave now with all the success that we are starting to have. We have a ton of awesome investigators and the members of the ward have really started to help us out. I have really had to contemplate a lot about this and I think it is time for me to go. Elder Machado is now a better missionary than me and deserves 100% of the blessings that will come his way here in Dom Pedrito. It is been interesting watching his development as a missionary. When we first arrived in Dom Pedrito almost 4 months back, he was very green and complained a lot. I remember walking in between appointments and him being a mile behind me trying to catch his breath. Now it is the exact opposite, and he is the one that is now pushing me. I will talk to the president soon demanding an excellent missionary to help him baptize all these families we are teaching. For me, I'm sure the President has another area for me to fix up. I don't mind going into the pits of the mission and working my butt off, it is what I have done for my entire mission. I don't need the glory of men, just God.

The only thing I can do is thank God for all these blessing he has given me in these past three transfer. We have taught many. We have grown spiritually. We have learned. I am so thankful for everything. In a couple weeks Vanzenir and Flavio will be married and then baptized. I hope I can return to Dom Pedrito for this, because they want me to baptize them. I guess we will see what happens.

In other news, we will be going to Pelotas for Zone conference. It will be very cool because there will be at least 5 zones. I hardly know anyone in the mission. I have been away from the majority of the other missionaries for almost a year now, ever since I went to Buti√°. So it will be cool to see all the new missionaries that have entered into the field.

Well that is it for now,


Much Love,

Elder Miller

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