Sunday, October 21, 2012

17 October 2012

Week seven is officially over which means I only have two more weeks in the MTC! I'm leaving the MTC on October 30th, that should be a Tuesday. My P-Day in the field will be definitely be different but I'm not sure what day of the week it will be on. I'm doing well even though this week was more tough than the previous weeks. The more we learn to speak Portuguese the harder its getting with all the subjunctives and conditions that dictate the way you have to speak. A member of the area 70 told everyone in our devotional last night to not worry about the language, he says once you are in the field everyone recieves the gift of tounges haha.

We got new Brazilians this week. One is from Brazil and the other is from Mexico I think. The spanish speakers have to stay in the MTC for 6 weeks and the Brazilians stay for 3 weeks. Our new roomates are slowing becoming more and more comfortable being in the same room with a bunch of Americans. I can understand why it could be strange for them.

This next week we get to go prostelyting twice during the week. Basically they take us out into the center of Sao Paulo, drop us off, and come pick us up three hours later. It should be interesting to say the least with our broken Portuguese haha. We are supposed to give out a certain number of Book of Mormons. It will be a trial by fire, but everyone comes back saying it was the best experience they had in the MTC.

I'm excited to hear all the sports news from Dad, and Grandpa. I hear the Seahawks are doing really well and Manning is still the clutch quaterback of the past. Also, it sounds like Romney is doing well which I am glad to hear. It is definitly a topic we discuss between us missionaries, and we are all rooting for him. I got my first handwritten letter from Dad this week and it was awesome. I had been waiting for that letter for awhile now. Also, I'm becoming anxious to see what Jessie wrote me and I look forward to writing her back. Im so happy to hear Greg is getting some interviews with some companies, I know he will do well wherever he ends up. Im jealous of Oupa right now because he is in Sweden. One day I want to go to Sweden and see where it all began on that side of our family. And mom I am so proud of you for doing all these workouts lately, I dont think I could even do an insanity workout especially right now haha. I get 50minutes for excercise but I usually just go and play volleyball with our district and there is not a lot of movement in that sport.

I got some news from some Elders from Porto Alegre this week. Apparently our mission president is a very nice man and is rather laid back. The Porto Alegre mission is one of the harder missions in Brazil, not as many baptisms as other parts of Brazil :(. Like our member of the 70 said last night if we believe we can get a baptism every week, we will.

That's it for now, 

Love Elder Miller

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