Sunday, October 21, 2012

26 September 2012

I am almost half-way through the MTC here in São Paulo. It is crazy because it literally felt like yesterday that I left home. The days are going by so fast and the weeks are moving even faster. It is scary because there is so little time to prepare before I get out in the real world. Mom it is funny that you put Ether 12:27 in your last email to me because that is the scripture I want on my missionary plaque. There are so many good scriptures I could put on my plaque but that one stands out to me.

Thank you for all the cookies you have been getting me. I so look forward to going to Cheneys and seeing that I have a package waiting for me. I now have a balance with all the cookies I have. I usually take out four at a time and devour them in seconds. Lately I have been trying to be a little more christ-like and giving one or two to someone. I gave one to Irmão Israel, or brother Israel my Portuguese teacher. He appreciated it and gave me a hug. It was funny because he like 4feet tall so I had to get on my knees to give him a hug. Also, Im looking forward to the milkshakes.

It has been raining the past week and with the rain came some colder weather. I love it outside now because it isnt so hot anymore. Brazil is an awesome place and I cant wait for you guys to see it with me one day.

My Brazilian room mates are very nice. They are very kind even though they cant really understand us. We have started praying with them at night in Portuguese and they will tell us if we said something incorrectly. One of them is going to Porto Alegre so who knows maybe we will be mission companions one of these days. The MTC is slowly becoming vacant. There are a lot less people here than when we first got here. It is kinda sad.

I got a letter from Greg and the Lofstrands this week. All the Elders in my district were so jealous when I opened the Lofstrands letters because there was like six letters in there and a story about a penguin that Lucy wrote. I read the story out loud to my whole district and they got a real big kick out of it, it was hilarious. Also, Greg put a photo in with his letter. I had to fight off all the sisters trying to get a hold of it. Oh, and Greg im sending you a letter through mom and dad, and I want you to send me the 8 fundamentals thing you were talking about.

Im kicking it into a higher gear here in the MTC. I have started reading the bible and Im about half way done with the Book of Mormon and Im trying to start reading it in Portuguese. I have taken on the leadership role in my companionship because I feel that we have a lot of potential.

 Anyways, time is running out on my email

 Love you guys lots,

 Love Elder Miller

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