Sunday, October 21, 2012

19 September 2012

This 3rd week in the MTC was a very good one. First off, we got Brazilians in our dorm room. It is fun to try and talk to them but I dont have the vocabualry to keep a conversation going for very long and they speak very quickly I cant keep up. Speaking Portuguese was a lot better this week especially in TRC. TRC is when we get filmed trying to teach a lesson according to the investiagators needs. I was able to mostly understand what the investigator was telling me and I was able to communicate back to them. It was a real confidence booster and I got some good feedback.

I had a cool experience when our district went to the federal police station to do some visa stuff. This young Brazilian man came up to me and asked if I knew English. I almost told him that I didnt know how to speak English because no one here has ever asked me that, they always ask if I speak Portuguese and I usually tell them no. So this guy and I got to talking and He asked whats our purpose for being in Brazil and I told him we are volunteers for our chuch. We give up two years of our lives to serve the Lord and the people of Brazil. After talking a little bit about myself and our message the man said he was very touched about what I had to say and I got his information and passed it on to some missionaries in the field. This man was mechanical engineer working in Sao Paulo and he was really stoked to have the missionaries come over. This made me feel very good that day and I was grateful to be in the right place at the right time. 

In the temple today the power went down during our session. It was so funny and eventually we just had to leave without finishing the endowment. There was a bunch of missionaries leaving for home that day at the temple, it was so fun to talk with them they are beyond excited to get home mainly beacuse of the Dark Knight haha. The food here in Sao Paulo is pretty good. It usually consists of a couple meats with some beans and rice. Also, there is some gross dessert that we always get. Our district enjoys watching Elder Russell eat all our desserts in one bite, it is disgusting but hilarious. Alot of my freinds from BYU hit the field yesterday. Elder Funk, Elder Peters, and Elder Walton were all in Budge with me, I took some pictures that hopefully I can send to you guys sometime soon.

Thanks for all the letters you all are sending me, I enjoy getting the updates from the outside world. Dad, keep sending me updates on the sports I love that stuff. Through Cheneys I get all of them within a day that you send them. I got letters from Oupa and Grandpa today and I was really happy for that. I need you to send me their emails so I can send them letters through cheneys but they have to be signed up, that way they can get my letters without having to wait weeks. I have been getting some letters from my friends out on mission. Their stories are so cool, it makes me way amped to get out there. Im looking forward to getting some handwritten letters from you all. I will write you back as fast as I can, a handwritten letter takes about a week and a half priority mail to get to the States.

 I love you guys and Im always thinking about you all, 

Love Elder Miller

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