Sunday, October 21, 2012

12 September 2012
This week was pretty difficult mainly because of the language. I can read and write portuguese better than I can speak\understand it right now. It will come eventually it is just frustrating trying to teach someone when you cant speak the words which you are thinking. My district is pretty slow at learning the language so I feel like Im getting held back, but it is all good. 

The days are starting to go by quickly now. We have a routine each day. Usually it is personal then language study until lunch time then we get a Portuguese teacher for a few hours. At night we get another teacher but she doesnt speak english so it is hard getting anything done at night. My first teacher is this little guy from Porto Alegre. He is awesome and I stay after class and ask him all these questions about Porto Alegre. It sounds so nice, but the work sounds a lot more tough than the rest of Brasil. If somebody doesnt want to hear your message they will straight up tell you unlike the rest of Brazil where it is easy to be engaging.  

Even though my district is a little off task most of the times we have so much fun together. We play volleyball pretty much everyday and it gets pretty competitve. There is an Elder hear named Elder Taylor, he is pretty much my best bud here. He is this California surfer dude that reminds me a lot of my friend Ryan Taylor in Costa Rica. Another notable Elder in my district is Elder Spencer he is this way cool kid from Salt Lake and he knows Dallin Hall. He played for West Minister lacrosse so thats how he got to know him.  

Anyways, some stuff that happened to me this week. We got video taped trying to teach an investigator in Portuguese. It was so bad haha. And everybody can go and watch it and it is streamed live to Salt Lake. I thought I did okay, but my companions sucked it up. I also got a haircut this week. The barber guy used a stright razor on me which at first was kinda scary, but he did a really good job even though he didnt speak english. I got back from the temple a little bit ago. We got stuck in Sao Paulo traffic which was terrible. 

Other than that im doing well. I try my best everyday to do the best I can.

Love you guys,


Love Elder Miller

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