Sunday, October 21, 2012

3 October 2012

This week has been great. I understood Português so much better this week, it has started to click in my mind what people are saying. No doubt the power of God is working in this place, there is just no way a bunch of 19 year olds could be picking up this language this quickly without some divine help. My district had our first English fast which means we tryed our best not to speak English the whole day. This helped me out a lot with my speaking and I think my district is going to start having English fasts more often.

Our Brazilian roomates left for the mission yesterday. They are both going to Fortaleza, Brazil. We should be getting some new roomates tomorrow which will be good for us. Brazilian roomates are the best to learn Português from, but eventually you just start learning how to speak Português slang haha.

Today has been such a good day for my companions and I. First, we went on our temple trip as usual but then we went to a burger joint for lunch and it was amazing. It was on the same level as Gazeebo Burger. And after that we went to Cheneys where I picked up my package. I had not told my companions that we were getting milkshakes from you so when they saw I recieved 3 chocolate milkshakes they were so sad haha. Then after a few minutes I told them that the milkshakes were for all of us and now they want to be adopted into our family. The milkshakes were sooo good, it was insane. My companions are very grateful for this.

To awnser some questions you guys have been emailing me about, yes I leave the MTC on P-days. We are allowed to go a few blocks around the MTC, and yes I try to interact with the locals. The locals talk very fast and since they dont talk about church like things it can be hard to understand them. Grandma sent me a letter this week wanting to know how to greet people in Português. To say Hi, you say Oi. To say goodbye, you say Tchau which sounds like the word chow. The most common thing to say to someone is Tudo Bem, which sounds like two do bain. That means everything is good, it is like our hows it going sort of.

I sent a few letters off through Cheneys today. One for Mom and one for Dad and one for Grandpa. I havent recieved any hand written letters from you all yet, it takes awhile to get here. Dad, it hurts me to hear the cowboys are playing mediocre this year, but I still have faith in them. Im feeling a Super Bowl this year haha I hope at least the rangers can pull through this year.

Other than that it has been a pretty normal week. We are looking forward to conference this weekend. I think we will all huddle into the gymnasium and watch it. Oh, and this weekend in TRC we get to be investigators for the new guys who have only been here a week in which will be fun haha.


Thats it for week five in the MTC. 4 to go

Love you all, Elder Miller  

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