Sunday, October 21, 2012

10 October 2012

 Conference this past weekend was so awesome. There were so many good talks, I was touched by all of them. I almost broke down in a couple of talks because they mentioned families and how we can be together for eternity, Im so grateful for the Plan of Salvation. Oh, and when President Monson announced that missionaries can now leave when they are 18 everyone busted out cheering in the auditorium. We all talked about how there will be more missionaries out in the field, especially more girl missionaries. I liked Oupa´s letter because he said, "Now missionaries are going to be going to the MTC on skateboards and in there spiderman pajamas." Haha this is true, even I feel too young to be doing this work so I can only imagine being 18. I want Greg to know that I took his advice and wrote down some questions I had before conference started. All my questions were anwsered and I felt very good after this.

Its getting pretty hot here in Brazil. I think it is around 26 celcius now and getting hotter by the day. Im starting to become anxious to go to Porto Alegre, the MTC is very repitious now. I had a couple spiritual experiences this week with some of the other Elders in my District. We were wondering if we were actually feeling the spirit or if it was just ourselves making us feel this way. We all got on our knees and each took a turn praying, and I can honestly say we all felt the spirit. It was the strongest I've felt it since being here. The Elders in my district are some of the best guys I've ever met. We have all grown so close with each other and it is going to be sad when we all go our seperate ways.

How is the blog going? Also, I need whoever has control over my Facebook to go on and accept the friend requests from my teachers! Israel, and Matos are their names, they told me that they found my facebook page and sent friend requests. They might have some pictures with me, Im not sure though. I want you to send me an email with a recent picture of our family, my teacher says that it can be a powerful tool when sharing it with investigators. Oh, and if you plan on handwritting me send it to my field address, it wont get here to the MTC before I leave. Also, let people know on Facebook that my mailing address is going to change. I didnt get any Brazilian roomates this week, Im sure we will get some this week. Other than this nothing really new happened, same old routine until we leave for the field. Im getting good at volleyball haha. Oh! Try and get Reuben to meet up with me at the Temple, I havent gotten a response in my email from him. We usually make it to the 8 o clock session.

I hope everyone is doing well, it sounds like it from all the letters Im getting.

Love you guys,

Elder Miller

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