Sunday, May 4, 2014

28 April 2014

Hello Family and Friends, 

This past week was very special but challenging. I think I experienced the hardest day on my mission last Friday. Long story short I had a stomach/intestinal infection. I got it after splits with one of our district leaders. I don't know if it was the water or a badly cooked dinner but I got awfully sick. The next morning returning to my area in Restinga I hurled in the bus. Luckily my companion had a plastic shopping bag. The bad part was that it was ripped.

I got home and got cleaned up and then laid down and that is when the stomach pain hit. It felt like someone was continually stabbing me in the guts and it did not let up until the next day. I threw up again in the house and then had diarrhea 9 times. I stayed in our apartment until 7:00 at night.

My many prayers were answered when we went to the chapel that night. Our investigator who was being interviewed to be baptized the next day saw that I was suffering and went to the pharmacy and bought all the meds I needed to get better. I was shocked by the charitable act from our investigator, Adriano, because it was a non-member that ended up caring for me, and he did not have the financial means to buy all the meds that he did. He acted on the hour without delay. That is charity to me. It isn't tomorrow or next week, but NOW. If someone needs help it is our obligation to help right then and there even if it means opening up our wallets in order to help. Your neighbors burden is your burden too. God will bless you in double for the act.

The good part of the week is that we had 2 baptisms this past Saturday. Maria, 63, and Adriano, 34, Mother and son.
They were references from the bishop's councilor. In our first visit Adriano asked to be baptized! The Lord has been preparing them for some time now. Before teaching the word of wisdom Adriano mentioned that he had stopped drinking coffee because he felt that it was harming his health. Also we asked him what chastity was and he answered absolutely perfectly. I had the privilege of baptizing him. It was a super good baptism.

Sunday there were 56 people at church a great improvement. I still want to be transferred in 2 weeks. We will go to the temple this week which will be cool. Oh and a new paintball field opened up right in front of our apartment so I think the next p-day we will play. 

That is all for now,

 Love Elder Miller

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