Tuesday, May 27, 2014

19 May 2014

Hello Family and Friends, 

So I am pretty happy right now, actually really happy. There are various reasons for why I am so happy. First, my companion is excellent. Elder Aires is finishing his mission right now but it does not seem like it. The lessons are taught with power and authority. We are talking with everyone about the gospel. The members of our ward are friendly and trust us. We have marked baptisms already in this first week of the 7 week transfer. We are the zone leaders of 10 companionships and all are working hard. The list doesn't end.

My new area is Medianeira as I stated in my last e-mail. It is identical to my first area on the mission, Glória, which is one of the areas in our zone. There are a lot of hills in the area and it is right next to the mission office. Our ward has an attendance of about 70 which is very low considering what it was about a year back. Many leaders from the ward had to move because of the world cup and as a result the ward had a fall in attendance, but it is getting back up on it's feet. The chapel is prettiest that I have seen in Rio Grande do Sul. It is three stories with an elevator and new appliances and gadgets. The members are super cool and I have hit it off with them already.

We have an American missionary that lives in our apartment that has been in brazil for 2 months now, but he has already served almost a year! He had to stay in the US for about 9 months before getting his visa. This is the story of a lot of American missionaries now. I am helping him to get his Portuguese down quickly. I am grateful that I went on the mission when I did. If I had hesitated even a little bit I might have been serving in another mission. His companion is an American also and served in Houston, Texas. It was classic listening to him tell the story of how he attacked by a pit-bull, the scar is huge! Don't mess with TEXAS!

Everything is pretty chill right now on the mission. Unlike in the beginning of the mission now I know how things work and what I need to do. It is a pity that only at the end of the mission you really know how to be a missionary. Honestly, I am enjoying everyday now. Before I was really anxious and nervous about what to do every minute of the day. Now it is just take a chill pill and let the spirit guide.

So yeah, all in all the week went well. I am still getting to know my new area, searching for God's prepared people, and for the first time I can say without hesitating that I am loving the mission. 


Lots of Love,

Elder Miller

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