Tuesday, May 27, 2014

12 May 2014 Happy Mothers

Hello Family and Friends, 

The news is in and I will be moving to Medianeira! I will be serving as zone leader with Elder Aires, another zone leader. Elder Aires is from the city Fortaleza, the Northeast of Brazil. He is in his last transfer on the mission. I not worried though because he is a very good missionary that baptizes a lot and he asked to stay an extra transfer on the mission. The zone is located close to the center of Porto Alegre so I won't be going to the interior, actually the zone is right next to the zone I am serving in now. I have heard that the ward I will be serving in is rather weak at the moment, but hey that has been the story of my whole mission.

Our zone should be a strong one because we have the assistants, secretaries, the leaders of the sisters, and another 5 companionships. This zone is the first one that I served in when I arrived on the mission. It was kind of an unexciting zone almost 2 years back because the work is definitely harder closer to the center of the city. I look to change that image in the last 2 transfers on my mission. 

So it is tchau tchau to Restinga. I had the most success on the mission here. It was here that I finally figured out how to be a missionary. Really it is just invite everyone you see to go to church and be baptized without any fear. It is testify with power and authority through the spirit. In Medianeira, my last area, I will apply everything that I have learned this last year and 9 months. I know that we will have much success.

In other news Everton was baptized Saturday! It was an awesome baptism, the missing piece of the puzzle in our work here in Restinga. We had been working with him since January and finally he was baptized in my last week in the area. I had the privilege of performing the ordinance. I think his Mom, Neuza, will be the next one to be baptized. 

Also another great blessing was talking to my family on Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day Mom! I LOVE YOU!
The family is doing well from what I saw. My Dad has a six pack, I thought I would never see the day. It was difficult talking in English this time because I hadn't practiced in awhile. I was stressing out the whole day because the computers were not working but Elder Saboia is a computer wiz and got it all sorted out. It was funny watching him calling his family all emotional and what not. All in all it was a good day and I am really looking forward to being home again, but until then I am going to work harder than ever. The mission is 2 years, can't give in the towel yet.

 Lots of Love,

 Elder Miller

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