Tuesday, May 27, 2014

26 May 2014 Ryan's Birthday

Hello Family and Friends, 

Well, I am 21 years old today. I remembered late last night that today would be my birthday so I did not have time to let my companion know beforehand. I told him this morning and he was like, "WHAT it is your birthday!" I don't think we will celebrate tonight because we had already marked a whole lot of appointments. Maybe next week I will celebrate by souvenir shopping in the center of Porto Alegre. I want to buy some Brazilian and gaúcho things for you guys back home.

This past week passed by very quickly, probably the fastest week of my mission. We had meetings, birthdays, church activities, splits etc.. Every Saturday my companion goes to the temple to watch the sealing of families that he has baptized on the mission. Yeah, my comp is one of the best missionaries of this mission. He has baptized a ton of families and now he has the blessing of seeing them be sealed in the temple. It is a privilege to work with him. I feel like I am being trained all of over again. It is a shame that I will only have this transfer to work with him, because these are his last weeks on the mission.

The only thing worth mentioning in this letter is that we had an activity at church Friday night and about 60 young investigators showed up. It was awesome there was ping-pong, pool, and a movie on the projection screen. We were not expecting some many people to show up so it was kind of a rush, but everything worked out at the end. We will visit them and their families so for sure we will have a lot of work to do these coming weeks.

In other news, the World Cup is about to start. We got a message today that during Brazil's matches we will have to go to our apartments and study. Brazilians are crazy for soccer and this year their team is really good so are expecting some craziness in the coming weeks. Also, there are other factions that are looking to protest so it should be pretty fun. I will root for the US of course but when they got knocked out of the tournament it is all Brazil for me.

That is all for now,

Love, Elder Miller 

PS. I did not get my parcel yet
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