Thursday, May 8, 2014

5 May 2014

Hello Family and Friends,

Well we are now in the last week of this short transfer. I am stoked for this coming transfer. I have high hopes that I will be transferred to my last area on the mission. I have another 2 transfers on the mission and I look to take advantage of every minute. I have been writing my friends from college and they are all going home in the next few weeks, it is so weird.
I am stoked right now because I think I will be able to squeeze out one more baptism before leaving this area. His name is Everton and we have been working with him since January I think while Elder Horst was still here. He was married in January and then Adriana his wife was baptized. She passed through a lot of trials in order to be baptized. Let's just say that Everton was a completely different person before being introduced to the gospel. The lessons were always spiritual. Everton is probably the smartest investigator I have ever had, photographic memory. Everything was going well until he found a new job and quickly went back to his worldly ways. I thought it was all over but Sunday morning who showed up to church, you guessed it Everton. He showed up with a white shirt, tie, and slacks. The first thing he said to me was "When is my baptism," I was practically speechless. He went on to tell that he had managed to quit smoking, drinking, and the other things that he used to do. He said that things went all wrong when he stopped receiving visits from us and went through a rough process of repentance. We marked his baptism for this Saturday.

This was very emotional for me because he is a very good friend of mine and Elder Horst. I thought that he was lost forever, but he returned and now his family will be complete. It is funny because while we were planning for this week Elder Dos Santos and I were setting goals and he asked me how many baptisms we would have. Then he asked me who would be this person we would baptize. I looked off into space for awhile then said, I have no idea, but it is going to happen. Everton is that person. Pray for him this week so that everything goes according to plan. We will need the prayers of everyone.

In other news I will call home this week on Mother's Day. Woohoo! It will be the last time before going home. Also, Greg will be turning 25 this week, May 7th. Congratulations, miss you a ton. Eat a lot of cake and ice cream for me. Today we will play paintball! Tomorrow we have zone counsel, all the zone leaders meet with the President in Porto Alegre, it should be cool.

 Love you Lots,

Elder Miller


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