Monday, April 21, 2014

21 April 2014

Hello Family and Friends,
This past week was Easter, yeah! Here in Brazil it was a big party. If the people were not in the bars they were roasting meat on the spit with their families. The missionary work was rather slow because everyone was occupied. We managed to teach some lessons but nothing exciting happened this week. A fun fact about Easter here in Brazil is that everyone buys fish and wine to commemorate the life of our Savior. Kind of funny isn't it? I think it because Christ ate fish with his apostles after ressurrecting but no one came seem to give me a straight anwser. I bought some chocolate eggs for my companion and the other missionaries living with us. In return I got some chocolates also, what a surprise ha ha.
The good news from the week is that our zone is looking strong. We have a new duo of sisters which makes 3 companionships of sisters in our zone. They are super good at teaching and working diligently, they put the Elders to shame. The new Elders in our zone are hard workers. All in all our zone is going to have a lot of success in the coming months.Our ward is progressing with respect to attendance. This week we had a whooping 46! When I arrived here there were about 30 active members. There are less people in this ward than in the branch I was serving in. We are working a great deal with inactives and some of them went to church this past week. About a 1/3 of the people going to this ward are our recent converts. Honestly I need something new now at this point in my mission. This is the fourth transfer in this area. I hope that in the next transfer I will be sent to an area where I can focus just on baptizing. It is a good thing that this transfer is only four weeks. There are 3 more weeks left and I will give it my all and wait anxiously for my next assignment.
It was good to hear that the family had a swell Easter. I liked the picture of the family in the backyard. Everyone is all-grown-up I won't even recognize anyone when I come home. I saw the picture of Elder Horst with his family. It is weird to think that he is home with his family. It seems as if it were yesterday that we were looking at photos of our families talking about the day that we would see them again. It seems like an unacheivable dream, something that it will never happen, but that day will arrive as it has with Elder Horst. It is hard not to get trunky every now and then at this stage on the mission. I guess I need to forget myself and get to work like  Gordon B. Hinckley's father instructed him while on the mission.
Lots of Love,
Elder Miller

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