Tuesday, April 8, 2014

24 March 2014

Hello Family and Friends, 

Gerson was baptized this past Saturday! At the baptism there was a lot of support from the ward, especially the youth. Gerson is 18 and is a very talented individual. He plays the cello in a youth orchestra here in Porto Alegre. I told him about Jessie and how well she plays the cello. I think in a year he will serve a mission, he is really sensitive to the prompting of the spirit. We will start to teach his brother this week which will hopefully turn into another baptism.

This week we had a zone conference. There were 3 zones in total at the meeting. All the Zone Leaders had to dress up as bakers as we taught the other missionaries teaching techniques. The theme of the exercise was the parable "the bread of life" and the techniques were the various ingredients to make bread. I realized that I have come along way on the mission in terms of shyness. 1 year and 6 months ago I think would have just about fainted from timidity if I had to give a training exercise in the front of the mission President and about 50 missionaries. Now I don't even break a sweat. Don't get me wrong, I am still a quiet guy that is just who I am, but like I said above I have come a long way. 

Our mission is improving a lot in respect to number of baptisms. I think our mission will baptize over 100 this month which will be a new record for our mission in this last decade. President Castro really is an inspired man. Our zone is very strong now. Elder Machado my ex-companion from Dom Pedrito is one of the District Leaders and is baptizing a lot. The sisters are always pulling big numbers and I think the other companionships will baptize this week. All in all every companionship will baptize this transfer which will be great.

Elder Dos Santos and I just got done painting a house for a less active member. We spent our whole P-day painting but I feel good for doing it. Our reward will be tonight, a churrasco for Elder Saboia's birthday. He lives in our apartment and just turned 19.

 Lots of Love,

Elder Miller

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