Tuesday, March 18, 2014

17 March 2014

Hello Family and Friends,
I really just have to commend my new companion Elder Dos Santos. He has come into our area and zone, and has performed miracles. Our ward now has complete trust in us the missionaries and our zone is working like never before. He is teaching me how to be a real leader. I am taking mental notes all the time of the things that he does so that can lead like him. I have noticed that a good leader is someone who is in tune with spirit, is not afraid to call anyone to repentance, is an example, and loves and trusts others that might not be on the same level as you are.
Our zone is in the process of baptizing 15 people this month. We are all united in this effort to baptize these 15. I think this is what was lacking the past transfers in our zone, unity and trust. All the missionaries look up to Elder Dos Santos and I. They see how determined we are to teach and baptize. Our district and zone meetings are filled with the spirit. One sister called us this week to say that our zone meeting was the best she has ever participated in, and she is finishing her mission. Overall I am super happy to be a zone leader right now with Elder Dos Santos.
Our Zone
Speaking of baptisms we baptized Jorge this week, an older man that is dating a member of our ward. They are going to get married soon. Well, it is funny how we baptized him because he has been taught by the missionaries for months now and couldn't get him in the water. Last Sunday, Sister Dircia, his girlfriend, called us up asking that we give him a blessing. We gave him a blessing and the spirit was really strong and so Elder Dos Santos invited him to be baptized on the spot and he accepted! We baptized him 6 days later. He was a firm member of an evangelical church for a few decades but he couldn't deny the spirit he was feeling during our meeting.
We have another baptism this week on Saturday. His name is Jerson an 18 year old. We met him a week ago and he is all ready to get baptized. He is really an elect of God. He heard the voice of the Lord through us and accepted to be baptized in our first few minutes getting to know him!
I am working more than ever with my new companion and thus I am really happy. Tomorrow we will have a zone conference with all the missionaries in Porto Alegre. It should be a spiritual experience.
Lots of Love,
Elder Miller

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