Tuesday, March 18, 2014

10 March 2014

Hello Family and Friends,

 The first week of a new transfer has passed and we had a lot of success. We marked 2 baptisms, one for this week and the other for the next. Elder Dos Santos arrived in our area on fire. We are working more closely with the members trying to strengthen their faith and at the same time finding new investigators to teach. Also we are visiting the less active members on splits with other members of the ward. All in all it is working well for us.
My new companion is really good. Elder Dos Santos is from Rondônia, a state close to the Amazon. He is 24 years old which means that he will be the fourth companion that I have had with an advanced age. Elder Weber 26, Elder Leal 26, Elder E. Santos 25, and now Elder Dos Santos 24. I guess this is one of my strengths on the mission. I always work well with older companions. Elder Dos Santos is obedient and is in tune with the spirit. I have been looking forward to work with someone like him. Hopefully we can stay together for a couple transfers. I know we will make a great difference in our area and zone.

We are focusing more on working with the youth of ward. They are about the only thing that keeps this ward together. Friday night we participated in seminary which in Brazil is at 8:00 at night. We arrived and Elder Dos Santos said we would make pancakes for the youth and then Elder looked at me and said, "You know how to make pancakes right?" because almost every American missionary knows how to make American pancakes. I was rather embarrassed to say that I didn't know so I quickly called up our financial secretary Elder Booren, who is the best secretary ever, and he looked up the quantities and ingredients for me. The pancakes were a hit and now all the youth is giving us references. 

That is just one example how we are getting closer with the members of the ward. There are about 40 active members right now. There are a lot of people waiting to be baptized, friends of members, neighbors, less active families that have members of the family that are not yet baptized. We are super focused on our purpose as missionaries, baptizing.

To finish my email I just want to wish a Happy Birthday to Grandpa who is turning 80! Congratulations! Also a late Birthday wish to Jessie who is now 17! That is weird to say that my sister is 17. I guess I never really imagined her growing up. I thought she would be a little girl forever haha. I love you both a ton.

 Lots of Love,

 Elder Miller

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