Monday, June 30, 2014

30 June 2014

Hello Family and Friends,
Another transfer has passed and a new one begins, and unfortunately it will be the last. This past transfer was the best of my mission. Elder Aires and I had accomplished our goal of baptizing 7 people this month and our zone achieved 18 which was also tied for the best this month in the mission. Although this was great for the mission, church, and lives of these 18 individuals I say this was the best transfer for me because it was the transfer in which I finally woke up. I was able to look deep down within in me to see what strengths and weaknesses I have and what I need to do differently to help more people and myself get closer to God. I look to apply the things I learned in this transfer so that I can finish my mission with honor and give a boost to my life back home.

So Elder Aires finished his mission today, it is very sad because he really is one of the best missionaries of this mission. I will be staying in Medianeira and I will be companions with Elder S. Silva from Bahia, the Northeastern part of Brazil. We will finish our missions together. You all are probably asking yourselves why is this happening. It is because the President plans on taking out the ZL's of the area and placing the assistants in our place so that they can be examples for the rest of the mission. This transfer I will be doing a lot of divisions with the assistants so they can get to know the area, members, and investigators. I will finish my mission as ZL with another ZL who is finishing his mission. It will be cool and kind of dull at the same time because together we will have a lot of success due to the experience that we both have however dull however really trunky. I really wanted to train a new ZL but that won't be the case. I have always wanted this on my mission to really train someone but I only had one transfer with that priviledge.
Moreover, we had 4 baptisms this past weekend. Pedro, Willian, Guilherme, and Bruno were all baptized. They were references from a member of the ward. I will work hard this transfer in order to baptize the rest of their families especially their parents whom are progressing. the baptism was awesome.
 President Castro and Sister Castro showed up which was nice. It was a real miracle that they came because at the last second we needed President to do an interview because Guilherme, who had participated in all the lessons, decided he wanted to be baptized when he saw his brother Pedro dressed all in white. It was not planned that the President would come to the baptism but it was inspired in order for him to do that baptism interview with Guilherme. He said in his interview that he wanted to be baptized because he wanted to follow God.
Today we went to Harmony which is a Gaúcho festival in Porto Alegre. Everything Gaúcho is there. A member of the church who has a cabin there invited our zone and we had a good Gaúcho lunch. We took a lot of photos and had a great time.

Germany plays tonight here in my area. You can hear the screams from the stadium. Brazil advanced which means that we will have to stay indoors during their next game. I am excited to hear that the United States is playing well.
Tomorrow it is that routine again, go to the bus station, pick up my new comp, take him to the new area, show what has been going down the past couple months, and then get to work. I know that these last weeks of mission will be the best. I ask for your many prayers for us and our investigators.
Thanks for all the support,
Lots of Love
Elder Miller

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