Monday, June 23, 2014

16 June 2014

Hello Family and Friends, 

The world cup is going on right now, I am sure that you are all aware. There is not much world cup buzz here in Porto Alegre. I hear that in other states in Brazil they are going crazy for soccer. We have a rule that when Brazil plays we have to go to our apartment a hour before the game and stay there until a hour after the game has ended. In total it is about 4 hours in our apartment listening to the shouts and greets of fans cheering for Brazil. There is a neighbor in the other building that has a big flat screen TV so I am not totally out of the game. When we are walking in the streets I also get to see some highlights every now and then.

These next two weeks we are working hard in order to finish the month with 7 baptisms! I am stoked and it will happen according to our faith and work ethic. We are working like never before, but the world cup is interfering a bit and last week it rained for 2 days straight. Elder Aires is showing no signs of slowing down until the end of the transfer which is 2 weeks away. I think our zone will be able to achieve more than 20 baptisms this month. That would be my best month as a zone leader. I am praying hard that this all happens. I can't think of a better way of finishing the mission than baptisms and hard work.
Before I finish this e-mail I would like to congratulate all the fathers in my life this Father's day. My Dad, Grandpa, Oupa, Per, Lars, and all the other that are reading this e-mail. Personally, my Dad is superman to me. I am grateful that my Heavenly Father gave me the parents that I have. They are the best!

My parcel arrived this week which was a relief. Thank you for all the goodies. I will cook the brownies with our recent converts here. I liked the booklets that the Lofstrand family made me. Oh, and the birthday card was priceless. The monkey with the bad to the bone music. I get a kick every time I open it. So I received 100% of all the packages that you all sent me. That is definitely not normal. Usually the American missionaries lose a few on the mission but I got all of them which was a great blessing. So you liked the picture of me with the rooster. Yeah it is Maria pet. It is crazy you can pet the rooster and he falls asleep.


That is all for now,

Lots of Love,

Elder Miller

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