Monday, June 30, 2014

24 June 2014
Hello Family and Friends, 

Before starting this e-mail I have to mention that this week, the 27th, is my Mom's Birthday, Yay! I will sing the Brazilian birthday song to you.

Parabéns pra você, nessa data querida, muitas felicidades, muitos anos de vida!  

Translating it means, congratulations to you, on this special day, lots of happiness, and years to come. The divine calling that Heavenly Father gave to his daughters was chance to become mothers or the chance to give life to others. I can't think of anything more grand than that, and I thank Heavenly Father that I earned a place in your family. I have your present here with me and in a little while I will give it to you. Happy Birthday Mom, I hope that it is the best yet.

Well we got to go to the temple this week which was a good experience. There is always something magnificent to learn there. This is a great privledge that we have as missionaries of the Porto Alegre missions. We get to go to the temple almost every two months!

The work is progressing in Medianeira. When we are not baptizing the other companionship is. By the way there are two companionships working in the ward. There are activities in the chapel every week. We have various investigators going to church. We will have a baptism this Saturday and hopefully others on Sunday. My companion is showing no signs of being "trunky" with only this last week left on the mission.


Things are getting tenser with Brazil going to the next round in the world cup. Yesterday we were in the center and there was a full blown platoon of soldiers attending to the strike that was going on against the games. Brazil is a country where the people like to voice their opinion. Tomorrow Argentina plays here in Porto Alegre. Apparently thousands of Argentines are coming to the city to watch the game. Oh and the stadium in which they will play is part of my area in Medianeira, the stadium Beira Rio! That is cool, is it not? You will get a clear view of where I am working right now. Maybe you will see me on T.V. in the streets of the neighborhood on the other side of the stadium.

Well that is all the news for now. Next week will be a new transfer. I will make it the best.


Lots of Love, 

Elder Miller

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