Monday, June 23, 2014

9 June 2014

Hello Family and Friends,

Thank you for all of your prayers this week for they were anwsered.  Maria, Luis Felipe, and Nicolas were baptized this past weekend due to the power of prayer. Friday night Nicolas was baptized by Wilker, Nicolas's next door neighbor whom gave us the reference. Nicolas's family went to his baptism and had an uplifting experience. For sure they will be baptized inasmuch as Nicolas continues to exercise his faith. 


Saturday was the baptism of Maria and Luis Felipe which completed the family. Now they are all members of the church. The missionaries had been trying for years to baptize Maria and after much effort they conceded. Upon meeting Maria Elder Aires and I knew that we were prepared to teach and baptize her and it happened. The change that each one of these individuals experienced was tremendous. They are totally different people. Happy people, people that are now closer to God. I am grateful to be but a mere instrument in God's hand to help his children come back to him.


This week was very eye-opening for me in that many of my flaws and weaknesses were presented to me. I know that I am full of defects and faults as a human and follower of Christ and I am grateful that they were shown to me. Now that I am aware I know what I need to do in order to overcome these obstacles and become more like Christ, our perfect example. So this was God's lesson for me this past week that you can never be satisfied because there is always something that needs to be improved, and if you wait for someone else to resolve the problem you will never win the race. A missionary once told me the satisfied animal sleeps or in other words when the animal eats and is filled he goes to sleep. We can never stop improving ourselves for progression is part of the plan of God and if we want to progress eternally we will have give our 100% to God now.

Lots of Love,

Elder Miller


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