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4 November 2011    I am in Intercap

Hello Friends and Family,

Well right now I am extremely happy with the results of this past transfer. As you know I have returned to my home, Porto Alegre, deep in the thick concrete jungle. My area is cool but at the same time physically challenging. Let's just say that my area is about 9 long roads that climb the side of a large hill. The incline is about 30% if I had to guess. I am finding new muscles in my legs that I never knew existed. When we finally scale this hill we are soaked with sweat and trying to catch our breath. It is a complete beatdown but I want to lose weight so maybe this will help me out. At the bottom of the hill we have all the rich people and at the top we have the poor. We want to work more with rich people but as always we have more action with the poor. The people are super receptive here which make the missionary work a lot easier. In this past week I think we taught 2 or 3 lessons in the middle of the road to groups of 7 or 8 people which was pretty cool. Also, there is people a lot of people everywhere so we always have somebody to talk to.

My companion is Elder E. Santos from Sergipe, a North Eastern State of Brazil. He hardly has 2 months on the mission, but it seems like he has been out for years. He is teaching me which is ironic because I am supposed to be training him. He is 25 years old which means I have another dinosaur as a companion. This is my third companion that is 25 or older! Elder Weber is 27, Elder Leal 26, and now Elder E. Santos with 25. I don't know why President Castro likes to put me with the elderly but I am cool with it. In fact working with older missionaries is 100x better than working with 18 year olds for example.  Obviously they are a lot more mature and they know how to sweet talk the people. Elder E. Santos is the master at this, he can talk people into doing anything. Also, the older missionaries are a lot more bold and have a lot of faith due to the extra experience. The only bad thing is that they get tired quickly and sometimes like to take a nap during the day. This is the only downside because I want to work, but I don't have any complaints. I can tell that Elder E. Santos will be my best companion on the mission. We work really hard and our personalities mix which makes teaching lessons flow more smoothly.

We already have some good investigators. We are teaching some good families and we have some baptism dates already. The ward is awesome here. The bishop works and everyone else does there part. I think this is the first ward that functions that I have had on the mission, it is nice. The members are super kind and always offering food and references, yeah!!! There is lady, Juliete, that makes a huge loaf of bread for us every Friday. Oh and internet is free here! Right now we are on a university campus using touch screen computers. I feel like I am in the future. Our apartment is nice, it has an elevator which is a first for me. There are 2 other elders that live in our apartment and they are cool.

So I am the district leader here. There are 4 other Elders in our district, Elder Nascimento, Tiago, Harris, and Del Castillo. They are all good missionaries. Nascimento is super trunky and does not really work to much. I have to find a way to help him out. I gave my first training meeting Wednesday which was pretty mediocre, but it was a last minute kind of thing so the next one will be better. I will have to give another one tomorrow.

The meeting with President Mazzagardi was outstanding, a real spiritual feast. There are so many things he talked about that pumped us up. After these meetings with general authorities we are really lifted up and we want to go out and preach the gospel to everyone.

We are going to the temple this Wednesday which will be the third time for me. I'm excited to go, but we are really needing this day to work in our area, oh well. 

So yeah my area is awesome, my comp is awesome, and so is my district. I am blessed man. I'm anxious to baptize strong people that will help and bless the church. I hope I can stay in this area for a long time.

That is about it for now. If you have other questions send me an email.

Lots of love,

Elder A. Miller
These Pictures are from his last area, Dom Pedrito.


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