Monday, November 18, 2013

18 November 2013

Hello Family and Friends, 

It is very true that as district leader the time flies by even more quickly. We already entering into the 4th week of the transfer. It is hard to believe that so much time has already passed. I feel like I have not had any time to work in my own area. We have had meetings, splits, divisions etc. that have taken much of the time. I am hoping that this week will be calmer so that I can work hard in my own area. My goal is to get Elder E. Santos his first baptism in this transfer, and it is seeming to be more of a challenge than I thought. The members are cool, but they are all so busy and they do not seem to understand that the missionary work is for all members not just the missionaries. President Castro has told us countless times that the missionaries which baptize the most are those that teach more with members present. In Dom Pedrito we managed to teach a whole lot of lessons with members, and when we taught with them we finally got baptisms. Right now I am trying to find a way to integrate them into the missionary work.

Another difficulty of the area is finding people that are willing to commit to something. It is easy to get into homes, but the people are pretty lazy and do not seem to want to change their lives. This past week we found a couple that we taught one time and they have already gone to church which was pretty amazing. We will work more with them and we will cut the rest that are taking the lessons more for the friendship than for the commitment to live the gospel.

This past week I went on splits with Elder Oslo, one of the ZL's of our zone. I really like going on splits with the zone leaders because I always learn a lot from them. Well, we had an excellent day of work in his area, and I was feeling the spirit big time. We worked hard and then crashed hard that night at their place. In the morning Elder Oslo wanted to study with me which was the first time on my mission that someone has asked to study with me. We studied super hard and then practiced some things and all in all it was very beneficial. I felt like I was receiving the greenie missionary training that I never received, it was great. If only my companions had studied with me I think I would be so much far ahead as missionary than I am now. Oh well, you cannot change the past. Everything I know how to do was from live trial and error.

In our mission 8 zone leaders will leave this transfer so that means 8 district leaders will be advanced. I am hoping that soon I will be advanced so that I can work with a ZL. I learn so much in 24 hours with them now imagine 24 hours 7 days a week. I am sure we would baptize like crazy together. We will have to wait and see what the President thinks about the work I have put into my district first and then maybe he will give me the higher position which would be cool. I like to help missionaries and I would love to baptize a ton until the end of the mission so I have my sights on one of these positions.

Well, there is not much other news to talk about. Elder E. Santos and I are working out almost every night. He is a monster pushing weights and because of the heavy weight I am seeing myself increase in mass quickly. All I have to do now is lose the gut. Currently, I am weighing in at 95 kilos! That is crazy! I think I have gained 25 pounds since I came out on the mission. It does not matter how healthy I eat the weight will not come off. The only thing that has some effect is doing some abs workouts. If you all have some ideas I would appreciate the help. Also, I cannot do hardly any cardio because we live on the fourth floor and about 5 minutes into the workout I have someone knocking on the door telling me to stop jumping around. It is amazing that meat, rice, and beans is destroying my body. Before the mission I was eating pizza, ice cream, and Oreo cookies and it had no effect. I think after the mission I will push weights as a hobby. Also, I want to get into triathlons.

Alright I am getting off topic so I will put an end to this email.


Lots of Love,

Elder A. Miller

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