Sunday, February 23, 2014

3 February 2014

Hello Family and Friends,
I have heard that the Seahawks are SuperBowl Champs. I was so stoked to hear the News and it seems that they dominated Peyton and the Broncos. I guess that statement "Defense wins championships" is still very valid. I would have loved to see it and especially Dad's emotion. I know that is has been a long time coming. I remember the Seahawks SuperBowl loss against the Steelers and that I couldn't sleep the whole night afterwards. Now it is just a mere memory as they are now "World Champs." Mom will like that comment.
Alright back to the mission. So this week was different for me because we did a lot of divisions with other missionaries in our zone. I had a division with Elder Machado which was nice to talk about the good old days. He will baptize a few people this transfer which will truly help out the zone. Also I had a division with Elder Saboia who is a new missionary, and 18 years old. It was a real refresher working with him because he has the new missionary determination to be great. I was really surprised with his preparedness and his proactive attitude. I hope that maybe at the end of my mission that I can train a newbie like Elder Saboia. That would be that best way to finish the mission to me.
In other news, we will most likely have 2 baptisms this Sunday. They are the grandkids of Paulo, a baptism from our last transfer. We have been working closely with him and his family since his baptism and now it is time to collect some more fruits. We will need 4 baptisms this week just to stay on target for 16 but 2 is a start. Furthermore, we had some spiritual moments tracting this week so perhaps will have some other baptisms soon.

The real highlight of the week was a leadership meeting with Moroni Torgan a member of the área 70. Sunday, right after lunch, we got a call from President Castro saying that we would have a meeting with Elder Torgan in 40 minutes and that we had to be there on time. We quickly scrambled to find a member whom would be able to take us to the center of Porto Alegre about a hour away. In short God blessed us with someone with a car, which was a miracle in itself, and we managed to make it to the meeting in about 35 minutes right on time. I felt like we were in the new "Fast and Furious" movie. At one point I think we were even airborne.
The meeting was eye opening to say the least. It was us and about 10 other zone leaders. He talked very frankly with us and I really had to repent afterwards. It was a rewarding experience and now I have a new determination to be a better leader and member of the church. Basically, this time on the mission is for me to learn how to speak the language of the spirit and how to be close with Christ. We are here to learn and obey celestial laws. On the contrary there is no chance of entering the celestial kingdom. Elder Torgan invited us to all make covenants with God and we did. Later we bore our testimonies, the spirit was noticeably present.
Okay so that is about all that happened with me this week. Mom I was not able to watch the vídeos you sent me. Do you know when I am able to sign up for Fall/Winter classes? Yes, I got the package that you sent. Everything fits well and thank you for the sweets.
Lots of Love,
Elder Miller

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