Sunday, February 23, 2014

10 February 2014
Hello Family and Friends,
This wasn't the best of weeks for us. We were not able to baptize because of some complications, but hopefully we can baptize Paulo's grandkids this week. Moreover, the heat was excruciating. There were a few days that it was 42-45 degrees Celsius, but with the humidity they say that it was actually 52 degrees Celsius which is about 120 degrees Fahrenheit! We have been sweating for about a week straight. There is only hot water comes out of the tap and shower which is not too pleasant.  Also, we had two nights when the electricity went down so we cooked for about an hour waiting for power and don't forget about the mosquitos.
This has taken a toll on the missionary work. We stay at home and members houses longer than we should trying to avoid the sun and heat. The desire to knock doors or streets contacts has also taken a dive. As such, we get tired and dispirited quicker. Our goal of 16 is slowing fading into the distance.
In better news we had zone counsel this week. We got to go to Porto Alegre and chill in some air conditioned rooms while President Castro gave us the low down on the mission. It turns out that it wasn't just our zone that has been affected by the weather. The zone leaders exchanged ideas and we had some good practices.
We had some good grub afterwards at a local restaurant. It was a relief to get some good food because our ward does not provide too well for us. We have lunch 2-4 times a week at best so we are paying a lot out of our own pockets in order to eat. There are about 30 firm members in our ward so someone will have to bite the bullet soon and start providing lunch multiple times during the month.
Well I know that this email is short and a little bit negative but hopefully next weeks letter will be better. One thing I like about all this is that I am becoming a stronger person because of it all.
P.S. I attached a photo of half our mission with a member of the seventy. I am in the top row on the right side. (8th from the right)

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