Sunday, February 23, 2014

17 February 2014
Hello Family and Friends,
We baptized Katiele and Jamiele this week! The adversary was trying everything to stop these baptisms from happening, even until the last minute. Literally minutes before the baptism we called them to see where they were and they said that Paulo and their Mother had left the house and never came back that day and they did not have the means to go to the chapel. So quickly we went and picked them up with the bishop and we pulled off the baptisms in the knick of time. At the baptism it was just the missionaries and the bishop. I felt super bad that they did not have any support at the baptism but we could not give the enemy more time to delay these baptisms. We still do not know why or where their Mother and Grandfather went that day. They where confirmed Sunday and everything is in order once again.

In these last 2 weeks of the transfer we are going to do the upmost to baptize at least another 2. The weather has gotten better so that will help us out a lot. At mid-week a two day rainstorm came in and wiped out the heat and humidity. It has been very calm ever since, well at least I stopped sweating every minute of the day.
I have caught some Olympic news the past couple weeks and it has been pretty cool. I heard Russia spent a ton of money on it. I saw the Brazilian women's bobsled/luge tip of during the practice run and they finished the race upside down - scary. Brazil is rather weak in the winter games but still everybody is watching all the time.
Mom, Wesley Dean's mom needs you to sign up for the apartment for fall semester now. Everybody else is already in on the action and now they are waiting for us. I want to room with these guys, they are my buds from freshman year.
Last thing is that the mission has already bought my plane ticket home due to the world cup in Brazil. They want to make sure that we all get out of here on time. I think next week I will know what date I will be home so I will keep you informed.

That is all for now
Lots of love,
Elder Miller

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