Wednesday, August 28, 2013

19 August 2013  A Better Week

Hello Family and Friends,

This week was a big improvement from last week. We taught a lot of lessons, contacted, and invited a few more people to be baptized. We have a rather large teaching group now which is always nice. With a big teaching group you always have a place to go if an appointment falls through. This helps to pass the time and remain energetic. 

This past Sunday we had 3 investigators and 2 in-actives at church. It has been awhile since Dom Pedrito last saw that many new faces in the chapel. We are teaching a lot of people, but the majority is afraid of making any kind of commitment. Our best investigator is Adriana, the 24 year old lawyer. She has been at church 3 or 4 times now. Also, we have taught her with members and she has been to one family night. She has told us that she knows the church is true and wants to join now. Her baptismal date is scheduled for the 7th of September. She said that this date she would be prepared to be baptized. We are really hoping and praying that everything will work out for this date. 

We are also teaching an in-active member, Calebe, 18 years old. He was baptized when he was 10 years old and is the only member in his family. We found him and his family through a contact in the street. His family is one of the coolest I have met on my mission. His parents absolutely love us even though they have mentioned that they will not join the church. We will start teaching them and his sister this week. Calebe went to church Sunday and liked it a lot. He is super smart and witty. He would be a great missionary.

Elder Machado and I really have been blessed these past few weeks. Our members and investigators have been inviting us to have dinner and to share messages almost every night. Dinner has never happened before in my mission. The only thing that is lacking is more references. For us the norm is 1 reference a week. Compared to other missions 1 is totally weak. In other parts of Brazil the missionaries only work with references. Why in Rio Grande do Sul is it that difficult? Until we can find a way to get members talking we will have to keep knocking doors and making street contacts the most difficult way to work. If you all have any ideas we would be grateful to hear them. And yes we have tried the family night and activities in the chapel approach which are not giving us that many results.

Other than this there is not much to say. I got really sick yesterday and last night was horrible. I think it is a minor case of the flu. I was supposed to get my flu shot a few months back but they all ran out before I could get mine. Thanks a lot Brazil! I have been shooting warm, green, snot rockets all over the city today. Elder Machado has been giving me all his meds so I should be good to go here soon. This winter has been pretty rough on me. I have not breathed through my nose for 2 months! I think I am allergic to something in this city.

Anyways I am doing fine. Keep praying for Machado and I, and especially for my investigators. Thanks for all the pictures you all have been sending me recently. I really look forward to being back on the bike with you all I am too heavy right now.


Lots of Love,

Elder Miller

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