Wednesday, August 28, 2013

12 August 2013

Hello Family and Friends,

Honestly nothing too exciting happened this past week. The weather was really cold and rainy for the majority of the week. This killed our chances of contacting people because we were the only ones in the street! We were rather discouraged during the bad weather and so we fell into a hopeless state. We did not work as hard as we could of which we are both kind of regretting now. Our district leader chewed me out on the phone a little bit last night which woke me up from my slump. We are back into full gear, I hope.

Other than last week being sort of a low point for us, we managed to find some good investigators. Nothing was going our way, appointments were falling through and nobody was interested in hearing our message, so I decided to just, "Clean the city." That is codeword for literally knocking every door in sight. We were knocking doors and one after the other was just another door slammed in our faces. After about a hour we finally were allowed in by a lady and we taught her and her two daughters. I am including this in my email because I think they have a good chance at becoming members of the church. They have already had a lot of contact with members of the church when they lived in a neighboring city, but they lost contact when they moved to Dom Pedrito. In short, the lesson went really well and we have an appointment with them this week so we will see what happens. 

Adriana, our only progressing investigator, is doing well. We taught her last night with a member and it went really well, one of the best lessons I have had on the mission. It was about tithing and the member we brought with us bore a powerful testimony on tithing. She told us that her Mother has always been a faithful tithe payer. She told us that her mother has no doubts that the Lord will provide for them if they demonstrate their faith through their honest tithe. Well a few weeks back her Mother lost all her salary from the past month while traveling home late one night. This family is rather poor so they need every dime they can get. The member went on to tell us that miraculously in the past weeks they had more food and other things in their home than any other time that she could remember. The Lord fulfilled his promise and opened the windows of Heaven and bestowed a great blessing upon them. Adriana will be baptized before this transfer ends. I do not know what date yet, but I am confident that it will happen. 

Other than this not much happened. I have been writing quite a few letters lately so keep a watch on your mailboxes. I will include some pictures of the Brazilian country side for you all. The past 7 months I having been living in countryside which has been really tranquil.


Lots of Love,

Elder Miller

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