Monday, February 18, 2013

10 December 2012 No longer Elder Miller

Hello Friends and Family,

I have completed my first transfer in the mission field, and already I have seen miracles working in the lives of our investigators and myself. I have seen people end harmful relationships, give up addictive habits, and reshape their whole lives in order to live this gospel. The gospel is so amazing because it is literally the cure for everything that is wrong in this world. Lots of people do not recognize this or take the time to listen why. And others have never even heard about it. It is our role as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints to bring this message of hope, joy, and peace.

The baptism of Shaelly did not happen this week. We have gone back to the drawing board and shooting for a baptism this Saturday with another one of our investigators Nara. Nara is absolutely amazing. She has flipped her whole life around in order to be baptised. The first few weeks she was not really sure what to believe as we were teaching her, but as she full filled our promises to her she begun to see the blessings pour into her life because of that initial seed of faith. We are planning on baptising Renata the 21st now. Our bishop does not want her to be baptised on "Natal Branco" he wants it to be more personal with our ward during the ward Christmas activity. Renata is amazing, it is such a joy to teach her because her faith is so strong. She knows all the answers to our questions and is in Alma in the Book of Mormon. I think the veil is very thin for her.

Oh, I'm no longer Elder Miller. I'm now Elder A.Miller because there is another Miller out in the field. I was given the choice between Elder Allen or Elder A.Miller and I decided to keep the family name. Make sure when you send letters or packages to put my full name on the mail. I found some of my mail in the other Elder Miller's box one time, it shouldn't be a big problem though. 

Elder Queiroz is going to be transferred tomorrow. I'm actually pretty sad about this because we have these 3 baptisms this next couple weeks and now he is leaving. We became good friends and he taught me a lot. I learned that no one is perfect and it is important to love everyone. He has an incredible knowledge of doctrine and the scriptures which helped to inspire me to study really hard.

My next companion will be Elder Skouson who I have yet to meet. He is American and is pretty close to finishing his mission from what I have heard.

I will try to figure out the whole skype thing soon. It sounds like a 50/50 chance between skype or phone. I'm not really sure if the skype will work very well, we will see. I have not yet received any packages yet, I'm pretty anxious to get them now. Tomorrow I have a district meeting at the office so I will see if they have arrived yet.

Anyways, I have to run now. Oh, if you can believe it I am actually gaining weight right now. I think this is miracle in itself because I walk/climb about 10ks a day and have one meal with some snacks in between. What Jesus said to his disciples in the Bible and BoM is so true, don't worry about what you will eat and drink just get to work. 



Elder Miller

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