Saturday, January 25, 2014

20 January 2014

Hello Family and Friends,

Another transfer has left and number 13 has arrived. To say the least we had some success this past transfer. There were 7 baptisms in total in our zone and 5 of them were ours. There are 7 companionships in our zone. In addition the people that we baptized are making a difference in our little ward. They are already bringing friends and family to church so that means that we should have another handful of baptisms this transfer.

If you all have not noticed from the previous paragraph Elder Horst and I will be here in Restinga for another transfer. I am excited, the people here absolutely love Elder Horst so it will be good. There were a lot of changes in our zone though, 3 greenies will be coming which will be good for us. Greenies usually give their companions a lot of motivation to work extensively. So I'm thinking are zone is going to fire on all pistons this transfer. Oh, and Elder Machado will be one of our District Leaders!

The only thing interesting that happened this week was that we had a zone service project. We went to a school in POA, and we painted the fences and guardrails throughout the school. It was such a nice time just doing some mindless paint work for a change. We arrived at 9:00 in the morning and we worked until 5:00 in the afternoon. I literally painted for about 8 hours straight without thinking twice. We had lunch at midday and then I quickly went back to painting. It was such a relief for me, like mental therapy. Before I knew it we had painted everything and it was time for us to leave. I hope the President organizes more services projects like this. We worked for "Mãos que ajudam" we might get in the Brazilian Liahona if we are lucky.

Well I heard that the Seahawks are going to the superbowl! That is going to be quite the football game, Broncos vs. the Hawks, I wish I could see it ha ha. Also I am sending a Birthday shoutout to Dad, 53 and still putting the youngsters to shame. I am proud of you.

That is all I can think of for now,

Love you all,

Elder Miller


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