Monday, December 16, 2013

9 December 2013

Hello Family and Friends,

The results of the transfer are in and... no one will be leaving. Yep, I will be in Intercap for another transfer. How do I feel about it all? At first I was a little disappointed, but then I remembered how there is a purpose behind everything that God does so I am fine once again. Elder E. Santos will continue being my companion and we will be here for Christmas and New Years which will be cool. What I was not expecting from this transfer was that no one in my district was transferred. This is super rare and it shows me that the President trusts us a lot. The other district in our zone was totally dismantled and reorganized.

So why was I disappointed at first with the results of the transfer? Well, I have mentioned before that I really want to work at my full potential. I know that right now I am nowhere close to where I could be. In Dom Pedrito I felt like I was reaching the top spiritually, mentally, etc., but now I feel like I have taken a nose dive once again. We will make the necessary adjustments. I want to go ZL in the next transfer so that I can begin to take flight. I feel like I have been held back for some time now and I just want to be let loose. I want to find, teach, baptize, that is it.

The good side is that I won't have to be in a new place where I don't anyone during Christmas. The members are starting to help us out a lot now which is nice. Also, Christmas in this Ward is going to be pretty rad. I don't know if I have mentioned but this Ward is full of lawyers and restaurant owners so you can bet that Christmas is going to be big time here. I have already received two boxes from home and yes I have already opened them. I thought I was going to be transferred so I had to open everything, but thanks for the gifts and messages I enjoyed it all.

In others news, the Lord is blessing us a lot with new families to teach. The majority has to get married or stop smoking, but these families are very special. Last Sunday our District had 16 investigators at church. The gospel principles was full of people. The members noticed and think this sent a message. At the end of the Sunday meetings another Young man, Igor 14, asked to be baptized so we will start working with him and his Family. Junior is firm in the church and we are working with his Family now as well. We have the potential to have a lot of success here in Intercap, the thing that is missing is good organization and focus. We really have to repent and get to work.

Well, that is about all I have for this week. If you have any questions send me an email.

Lots of Love

Elder Miller

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