Sunday, June 30, 2013

17 June 2013  Hoping for Baptisms

Hello Family and Friends,

We are in the last week of the transfer. I think you all know the drill now. If one of us gets the boot from Butiá, Tuesday, we will have to be at the bus station in Porto Alegre around 2:00. There we will make some companion trades and then its off to our new area. My feeling is that I will get the call to leave for another area. It is probably about 50/50 that I will become Senior, but who really knows. No matter what happens I'm getting nervous. There are so many things that could happen. In a perfect world I would get paired up with a stud newbie, with some fire in the soul, ready to rock n' roll this mission, but this is in a perfect world.

This past week we really focused in on our potential baptisms this coming Friday. A has stopped smoking and is able to sell enough homemade bakery goods in order to support the family. Her two children E, 10, and G, 8, are doing well also. T, 17, has been taught everything and is super excited for his baptism. We have to get a signature from his Mother today. We are really hoping that this won't present any problems. All in all we have these 4 baptisms planned for this Friday, and honestly I'm not feeling to sure about any of them. In my opinion they all need more time to really experience what it means to have a "broken heart and contrite spirit." To me, one week without smoking is not enough, and we have not even met T's Mother yet, but no one wants to hear what I have to say its just, go, go, go. We will see what happens this Friday. I will not lie though, I'm hoping for baptisms. The ZL's still need to interview them all to see if they are ready.


The next few days are going to be very rushed. Tomorrow, we will go to São Jerônimo to have Distrito Amigo, so this Tuesday is practically gone. Then on Thursday we will be traveling to the Temple once again and we only arrive in Butiá late at night. Friday morning I will be with one of the ZL's in Eldorado while Elder Leal and the other ZL do the interview with our potential baptisms. Later Friday they will pick me up from Eldorado so that I can do some baptizing Friday night. Also, we can't forget that Monday one of us will have to pack our bags and say goodbye to our recent converts. This week is going to be a grand success or a gigantic disappointment, I hoping for the former.

I think it is time for me to leave Butiá. This place needs some new blood. I find myself rather unexcited and uninterested lately. The same faces, the same lunch, the same excuses everyday makes me want to leave here. I will have almost 6 months in this area at the end of the transfer. It is indeed time for me to go. It is time to experience something new.

This week I received a Birthday package from the Lofstrand's. It was so awesome! There was a jump rope, t-shirt, and a lot of candy. I'm so grateful for all the love and support you all give me while I have been serving the mission. It means a lot and you can be sure that I will never forget these acts of kindness. It is a letter or a package that totally lights up my week, its amazing. 

Much Love,

Elder Miller

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