Sunday, June 30, 2013

10 June 2013  Brownies and Split Pants

This past week went rather well. We have 5 marked baptisms for the 22nd of this month: A, and her 2 kids, T, and P. We had to postpone the baptism of P because she could not make it to church Sunday, and it is a mission rule that an investigator has to attend at least 2 Sundays in order to be considered for baptism. A has really progressed from the time when Elder Weber and I were teaching her. This time she really has a burning desire to become clean from the world that has enveloped her for so many years. I believe she will be able to overcome the things that are preventing her from being baptized. T is a 14 year old boy that we met through A. His past is very dark, but he is willing and wanting to make the future brighter than that of the past. Only the gospel can provide what he needs to get back on his feet and become a successful young man. These 5 baptisms would be great, but it is going to be a real fight.

The highlight of this week was that I taught the young women of the Branch how to make brownies! They were all super excited to learn. I taught the Atonement along with making the brownies and the girls liked it a lot. We had one investigator there as well, T, and she really wants to be taught the lessons.

The funny part of the story is that while I was bending over to check the brownies in the oven my pants ripped from top to bottom. In an instant I turned around to make sure that no one had got a sneak preview of my bottom. Luckily, all the girls had their backs towards me and no one had seen a thing. I quickly called Elder Leal to my side and explained my dilemma. After he had burst out laughing, I told him that he needed to go home and get me a new pair of pants. We did a division with the leader of the missionary work in the branch. I sat the next thirty minutes trying to entertain the young women while the brownies were cooking. Finally, my pants arrived and I pulled a slick move so that no one saw me leave the room. 5 minutes and I was back in action without anyone noticing that I had ripped my pants. It was crazy and later Elder Leal and I had a good laugh about it all. Oh yeah, the brownies were excellent and now everyone wants me to make more, but I taught them already!

I had an interview with President Castro this past week, and it went well. I think he trusts me a little more and I'm sure he noticed that my Portuguese is a lot better. We only talked a little bit as usual. I'm sure he is grateful that I don't have much to say because there are so many missionaries that have companion or personal problems, and I don't have either. He knows that I can get along with pretty much anyone.

My first package arrived this week. It was the package with pajamas, church magazines, and other goodies. I enjoyed the South African candy. I am looking forward to my birthday package now.

It was cool to see the pictures of Greg in his new pad. I wish the best for you on this new chapter in your life. Work hard, and have fun. Don't let anything get you down and remember to read the scriptures! The secrets to success lie within 2 Nephi 32:3.

Love you all,

Got to go,

Elder Miller

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