Thursday, August 7, 2014

28 July 2014

Tuesday I bore my testimony together with the other missionaries that are leaving the mission. It was a zone conference so there were quite a few missionaries present.

My testimony was very simple. I counseled the missionaries to become agents, or in other words, do much good with their own free agency and not wait to be commanded to do good deeds. Also, I told them to love their companions, learn to put the needs of their companions first and then attend to you own. I gave the advice that if they could find a christ-like attribute in their companion and then learn to develop that attribute in themselves they would be a lot happier. If you are not happy it will be much more difficult to invite the spirit in your lessons and the spirit is everything. Therefore, unity is essential in your companionship, if you don't have it forget about teaching with power. Then I went on to bear my testimony that God watches over us and that his love is so profound for all of us that he sent his most perfect son to the world to live, teach, suffer, die, and then live again in order to break the chains of death and allow us the opportunity to stand before god's presence, without stain, worthy to enter into his heavenly home. In addition, Joseph Smith was truly a prophet of God with the mission of reestablishing God's kingdom on Earth, and that there is a prophet and other special witnesses of Jesus Christ here in our days. I gave thanks to President Castro, Sister Castro and all the companions that I had. 2 of them were present. I mentioned that I love and am grateful for missionary work especially the missionaries that introduced our family to the church. If they had not given 2 years of their lives where would I be today? I am eternally in debt to them and I hope that I have had this kind of impact on the people I met during my mission. The gospel is everything to me now that my eyes have been opened.


All of your prayers have paid off because Saturday we had the baptism of Lucas. By wednsday we still were not sure if he would be baptized or not because of his parents permission. While we were eating with a member, who is Lucas's Sunday school teach and returned missionary, I had the thought of inviting him to teach Lucas's parents and ask for permisson to baptize Lucas. It was perfect and the member hit it off with Lucas's parents and we were able to teach them well about the importance of baptism and they allowed him to follow christ example and enter in the waters of baptism. They went to watch him be baptized Saturday and I am sure that they felt the spirit.


Tomorrow Carlos and Sheron will be registered as a married couple then Friday night will be their baptisms, and Saturday will be their marriage cerimony in the chapel. We are stoked for this to happen and it will be a great way to close the final chapter of the mission. I am sure these last two weeks will be full of work and some mixed feeling about leaving the mission. I know that it won't be easy to just one hour to next stop being a full time missionary but I will be honest that I am anxious to see my family and get my life rolling. When the mission concludes it will then be time to put everything I learnt into practice. The mission is the MTC for life and I finally feel prepared.

 Lots of Love,

Elder Miller


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