Tuesday, July 9, 2013

8 July 2013   There is no substitute for work

Hello Family and Friends,
So my second week in Dom Pedrito has already flown by, it was tough but worth it. We taught quite a few lessons and we were able to find some new investigators. Now we need to invite them to be baptized which is our goal this week.

My companion and I are doing well here in Dom Pedrito considering the circumstances, being both new in the area and all. I feel like we have the trust of the members already. We have marked a few Family Nights with the less-actives members of the area and we are organizing an activity in the chapel for the 19th of July. I know that through the members of the church we will be able to have much more success than working alone. So our game plan is to strengthen the less-active members through Family Nights and plan activities for the active members to bring friends and family members to the church. Soon our Ward Mission Leader will be able to help us out a lot. He has been recovering from an emergency surgery due to appendicitis, I know about that. He used to be the bishop in Dom Pedrito and he knows almost everyone in the city so he will be a great asset.

Like I mentioned above this week was no small task, it was all about finding people to teach. We walked, contacted, knocked doors, and walked some more. By the end of the week my companion was wiped out, literally. I know the work has been pretty hard, but I know he is grateful to have a companion that does not mess around. While walking in the street one night he told me that he is grateful to work and follow all the rules because he does not have a heavy conscience. He also said that as we have been obedient and working hard he has been able to say and teach things that he wasn't able to before. In other words, he feels a lot closer to the spirit through our  diligence and obedience. I feel the same way as him. I have faith that by fulfilling all the commandments we will be blessed immensely in our area. I know that sometimes those blessings do not come immediately and sometimes we will not have the privilege to see these blessings in our own time, but they will come, of this I have certainty. 

Other than this there is not much to say. The protests in Brazil are getting worse, I am learning a ton being the senior companion, there are some good cooks in our ward, and living with three other missionaries is nuts! The temperature is getting colder but it is not too bad. I have a cold right now because one of the Elders opened the window last night and I ended up getting blasted by the cold breeze. 

This week the letter is pretty short, but hopefully I will have a lot more to say in the next letter home. I missed you all on the 4th of July. Elder Beary and I made up for it by singing the US anthem to our fellow Brazilian roomates and making hotdogs.

Thats all for now,


Love Elder Miller

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